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Wondering how a vast country like India gets so many engineering related projects done and step up in development? Looking for information about various Engineering courses and admissions to university recognized Engineering courses in India? Check this post to know more about the various University approved and recognized courses, the colleges approved to impart education in these courses and Engineering admissions.

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1.  Chemical    - Chemical
Are you aspiring to make a career in the chemical domain? Wondering how to go about it? Check out this page for information describing what chemical is all about and the relevant career options in this field. Read further to know whether it is worth taking up a course in this stream.
2.  Mechanical    - Mechanical
Wondering which branch of engineering to choose for your undergraduate studies. A course in mechanical engineering could possibly be the right one for you. After all it is the most versatile and broadest field of engineering profession, involved in bringing solutions to a wide spectrum of global challenges.
3.  Automobile    - Automobile
Automobile courses prepare students to make light repairs and maintenance of vehicles so that it can run smoothly. Automobile courses are generally offered as part of the certificate program. Students can really get a good career option if they opt to do a course in automobile sector. Read on to explore more on the course detail.
4.  Civil    - Civil
Want to make a career in civil engineering? Wondering what courses to take up? Then you are on the right page. Here you will find information about the civil domain, the courses and career options in this domain. Read on to decide whether civil engineering is the right choice for you.
5.  Electrical    - Electrical
Electricity is a wonderful invention that has changed how we live in this world. A world without electricity is unimaginable. Does the world of electricity, magnetism, atoms and electrons excite you? In case so, then a course in electrical engineering could be the one, most suitable for you.
6.  Information Technology    - Information Technology
Interested in making a career in Information Technology? Wondering about the types of courses available in Information Technology? Here it is. On this page, you will find all the relevant information you are looking for. It includes what Information Technology is about, the types of courses and careers you can choose. Read on to know whether Information Technology interests you.
7.  Computer    - Computer
The 21st century belongs to the world of computers. And if you are someone who likes to dabble with computers all the time, then a career in computer is just the right choice for you. Read on to know the various courses which are available in this booming field.
8.  Industrial    - Industrial
Aspiring to take up a career in Industrial field? Looking out for various courses and careers in this field? Here, on this page you will find a brief idea about this field, and the various courses available in this field. You can also have a look at the various career options available after doing an Industrial course.
9.  Instrumentation    - Instrumentation
Interested in becoming an instrumentation engineer? Wondering about the courses available in this domain? On this page, you will find all the essential information required to choose this domain as a career. Look out for brief overview about the courses and job opportunities in this domain here.
10.  Petroleum    - Petroleum
Searching for a suitable course in petroleum domain? Wondering which is the best study option? Then here it is, about the domain, courses and careers. This page will give you a fair idea about various courses and careers in the petroleum sector.
11.  Communication    - Communication
Looking for a dynamic career in the field of communication and telecommunication engineering. Then you are at the right place. Browse through the various courses listed here and available for you in this exciting field. Read further to know more about them and the prospects of getting employment.
12.  Mining    - Mining
If extraction of mineral wealth from the deep depths of mother Earth and processing them into useful metals and materials, fascinates you, then there couldn’t be a better field for you to work in. Join one of the mining courses for realizing your dreams of establishing yourself in this challenging sector.
13.  Application    - Application
This education category gives information about the Application technology and the career options available in India. Application Science informs and educates about how to make certain aspects happen based on the theories, calculations and logic. Get to know more detail about these courses and read further.
14.  Synthetic Technology    - Synthetic Technology
Does a career in Synthetic Technology interests you? There are many polytechnic institutes and colleges in India that offer Synthetic Technology course. Learn about the essential requirements necessary to become a plastic engineer or technician. Below is a list of Synthetic Technology courses to choose from. Learn in details about this course.