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Wondering about which courses are being imparted to gain medical and health science education in India? Want to know how such a vast population are being provided health service through individuals qualified with legitimate qualifications? Check this course page to know more about the different courses approved and the universities and colleges providing admissions to Medical Science and Health Courses.

Medical education is one of the topmost branches of education in India. Health is a basic necessity and probably the most required and essential facilities that human beings will want to have easy access for.
Medical education is facilitated through approved courses by various universities in India. While some states have a single university for the whole state, other states may have more than one university to impart government approved education in the domain of Medicine.

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1.  Ayurveda    - Ayurveda
Ayurveda is the oldest system of medicine in India and by far, even in the whole world. Ayurveda focuses on the well-being of the person in a whole consideration with diet, lifestyle, habits and other factors. Check this Course Group to know more about the different Courses being offered in India at Graduation, Post Graduation and Ph.D level, the admissions in these courses and various job opportunities.
2.  Dentistry    - Dentistry
This Course Group describes about the different University approved courses for becoming a dentist in India. Check this page to know the various Universities having graduate, post graduate, masters, Post graduate diploma and certificate courses in Dentistry in India. Also, get to know the government and private colleges approved to impart dentistry education through the channel of entrance examinations, admission rounds and results.
3.  Medical    - Medical
Medical field is a highly reputed and respected profession throughout the world. Those who want to fulfil their dreams of working in the healthcare industry can opt for medical courses that will add wings to their career. Find here a list of them along with other details.
4.  Yoga    - Yoga Courses in India
Are you interested to take admission in yoga courses and searching for institutes that provides admissions to yoga courses? Then, you have to look no further as this article will let you know the requirements that are required to take up admission in yoga courses. There are many institutes and schools in India that imparts yoga.
5.  Pharmacy    - Pharmacy
Are you interested in studying pharmacy? Looking out for more information about this sector? Check out this page. You will find here about the domain, course options and job opportunities. This page will be useful to you for choosing a career in petroleum domain.
6.  Homeopathy    - Homeopathy
Have you planned to take up a homoeopathy course? Searching for information about the courses offered? Here it is. On this page you will find a brief description of homoeopathy, the courses offered, the traits needed to work in this field and what you can do after completing a homoeopathy course. Read on to know whether this field suits your taste.
7.  Nursing    - Nursing
Do you want to care for the ill and disabled? Do you want to enter into a noble profession? Do you want to make your career in the stream of Nursing? Nursing is one such course that enhances your skills and expertise in this field. Here, you will get detailed information regarding Nursing as a profession.
8.  Health and Wellness    - Health and Wellness
Searching for information about courses in health and wellness? Wondering if this is the right career choice for you? Then here on this page, you will find all the relevant information you are looking for including the what this stream is all about and the career options in this field. Read on to know more about health and wellness.
9.  Clinical Research    - Clinical Research
Are you interested in joining the clinical research industry and want to make your career as a Clinical Research Assistant or Associate? Then, look no further. Here you will find all the details regarding Clinical Research Course and its admission procedures.
10.  Nutrition    - Nutrition
Are you concerned about human and community health? Do you wish to incorporate healthy food eating habits in people? Do you want to become a nutritionist or a dietician and want to make your career in this field? Then, you should pursue a course in Nutrition and Dietetics. Below is a list of Nutrition course to choose from.

How to enter into Medical education?

After one completes 12th standard education in India - in some states known as schooling or also known as Junior college - a student has to give various entrance exams and may also need to undergo interviews and counselling to get admissions in to Medical colleges.

How long is Medical education in India?

Medical education comprises of gaining a Bachelor's degree and then followed with further entrance examinations to get entry into Masters level education. A medical profession can also gain specific knowledge and mastery by pursuing certificate, post graduate diplomas and other related courses.
The duration of completing a medical education can vary from 4 years to 9 years before one can start medical practice.