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Adjectives and Its Type

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An adjective is a word used to add something to the meaning of a noun (or a pronoun).

The word boy is noun. We can have a tall boy, an intelligent boy, a rich boy, a polite boy, a sincere boy etc. In these expressions, the words tall, intelligent, rich, polite and sincere describe the noun boy. All theses words are adjectives. An adjective is a describing word.

Some food, several questions, two girls, eight exercise, this tree, which building, my father. In these expressions the words some, several, two, eight, which and my, are also adjectives.

When we use adjectives with nouns, they make the noun precise. They also make our language beautiful.

Position of Adjectives

When an adjective is used to describe a noun, it is normally placed before the noun:

an easy question; a new design; a poor man

But sometimes, an adjective may be placed after the noun as well;

This question is easy.
That design is new.

Kinds of Adjectives

Adjectives of quality

An adjective of quality describes the quality of a person or thing.

For example:
The teacher asked a difficult question.
She told a funny.

An adjective of quality answers the question: what kind of?

Adjectives of quantity

An adjective of quantity specifies the quantity of a thing.

For example:
We have enough food for a month.
We need some water also.

An adjective of quantity answers the question: how much?

Adjectives of number

An adjective of number tells how many persons or thing are meant.

For example:
Five passengers got into the bus.
Many friends helped him.

An adjective of number answers the question: how many?

Demonstrative Adjectives

A demonstrative adjective is used to point out some person or thing.

For example:
These walls need white washing.
A certain king was very kind.

Interrogative Adjectives

An adjective which, when used with a noun, asks a question is called an interrogative adjective.

For example:
What questions did the teacher ask?
Whose painting has won the prize?

Possessive Adjectives

A possessive adjectives shows possession or belonging.

For example:
Your dresses are elegant.
Our car needs repair.

A possessive adjective answers the question: whose?

Sample Usage

Pandit Nehru was a popular leader.
The car gave me much trouble.
He can speak several languages.
Suchstudents always get good marks.
Which umbrella is yours?
We went to hishouse.

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