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How to say that You Agree With Someone/Something ?

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Do you ever wondered how to communicate your agreeing to others by using a good word which suits the situation?
Here are few phrasal verbs which will suit for any situation.

  • go along with : Go along with is used to express one's willingness to support an idea, or to agree with someone.

  • side with : Side with is another phrasal verb which is used to say that a person is willing to support a person or group in an argument.

  • go with : Go with is slightly informal phrasal verb which means to accept a plan or an idea, or to support the person whose ideas you agree with.

  • believe in : Believe in means to think that something is effective and right.It is widely used by many in common usage.

  • fall in with : Fall in with is used to say that you agree with an idea or accept it.

  • settle on/upon : Settle on/upon is used to say that one is agreeing on a decision.

    Sample Usage

    Here is sample usage given for ease of the readers.Though it is not possible to give each and every situation in which the above mentioned phrasal verbs suits the best,still the undermentioned essay will explain the usage of above mentioned phrasal verbs very precisely.

    Meetings in our office are always the same. Ram will suggest some crazy new scheme and Kiran will go along with whatever it is,even if she doesn't quite believe in it.The rest of us will divide naturally into two groups:those who side with Ram and those who are against him. Julie usually falls in with Ram's ideas fairly,quickly knowing that it is pointless to argue as he usually wins in the end.

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