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Adverbs and its Type

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An adverb is a word that adds something to the meaning of the verb, an adjective or another adverb. For example:

They worked silently.
The test began yesterday.

The words printed in bold letters are adverbs. In the first two sentences, they add
something to the meaning of the verb.

Kinds of Adverbs

Adverbs may be of six kinds:

Adverbs of manner
Adverbs of place
Adverbs of time
Adverbs of frequency
Adverbs of degree
Interrogative adverbs

Adverbs of manner

An adverb of manner tells how or in what manner an action is done. For example:

The child jumped carefully.
The students work hard.

An adverb of manner answers the question: How?

Adverbs of place

An adverb of place tells where or at what place an action is done. For example:

I shall wait for you outside
All the boxes are lying here.

An adverb of place answers the question: Where?

Adverbs of time

An adverb of time tells when or at what time an action is done. For example:

We shall play the match today.
They close the gates early.

An adverb of time answers the question: When?

Adverbs of frequency

An adverb of frequency tells how often or how frequently an action is done. For example:

I called your house twice.
You have always helped me.

An adverb of frequency answers the question: How often?

Adverbs of degree

An adverb of degree answers the question: how much?, or in what degree?, or to what extent?. For example:

I know the fact completely.
The hall is totally full.

An adverb of degree answers the question: How much?, or in what degree?

Interrogative Adverbs

An interrogative adverb is used to ask a question. For example:

When did the bell ring?
How are you today?

Sample Usage

The shopkeeper greeted me cheerfully. (Adverbs of manner)

The secretary has gone downstairs. (Adverbs of place)

They close the gates early. (Adverbs of time)

We should take the bath everyday. (Adverbs of frequency)

He answered the questions almost correctly. (Adverbs of degree)

Whyare you angry? (Interrogative Adverbs)

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