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Some of the commonly used verbal idioms

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Definition: it is an idiom comprising of a multi-word predicates where the governing part is a verb.


1)Ask---> ask is the verb. Some of the related verbal idioms are:-
---->Ask after :-ask/inquire about one's health.
---->Ask for :-ask to see someone /run the risk of something.
---->Ask out :- to invite.

2)Bring.---> bring is the verb. Some of the related verbal idioms are:-
----->Bring about :- cause to happen.
----->Bring in :- produce as an income or announce.
----->Bring off :- bring to a successful conclusion or decision/result.
----->Bring out :- reveal or publish or expose.
----->Bring around:- persuade someone to accept.
----->Bring up :- rear /raise / vomit.

3)Look:---> look is the verb. Some of the related verbal idioms are:-
----->Look up :- verify.
----->Look to :- turn to someone for help.
----->Look out :- look for or take care.

Sample Usage

Ask after:- My teacher asked after me in the class.
Ask for :- By publishing this you are asking for trouble.
Ask out :- We asked out our neighbours to dinner.

Bring about:- Peace was brought about between the warring parties.
Bring in :- My investments bring in nice returns every year.
Bring off :- My deal was successfully brought off over the dinner which i arranged.
Bring out :- I am going to bring out the revised version of my book.
Bring around :-I somehow managed to bring him around to accept the deal.
Bring up : She faced lot of difficulties in bringing up her children.

Look up :- Till the editor looks up this issue, it will be on hold.
Look to :- I always looked to my mother for advice.
Look out :- If you do not look out, you will get hurt.

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