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Preposition of Direction

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(A)Preposition of direction towards: These prepositions are towards, into, at, for, against.

1.To,Towards: ‘To' has the sense of destination, ‘towards' of direction.

2.Into: ‘Into' denotes movement towards the interior of something.

3.At: ‘At' has usually the idea of aim. At is also used with the following verbs figuratively: aim at, point at, smile at, throw at, laugh at, look at, jeer at.

4.For: ‘For' is used to denote the direction when the verbs show the beginning of the movement.

5.Against: ‘Against' shows pressure or contact.

(B)Prepositions of direction from: Most common among these are: from, off, out of.

1.From: ‘From' is used with the point of departure.

2.Off: ‘Off' shows separation. It is used in the sense of ‘from the surface' and also down from.

3.Out of: ‘Out of' is the opposite of ‘into'. It means from the interior of.

Sample Usage


(A)Prepositions of direction towards:

(1)To, Towards:
(a) He came to me to seek advice on a certain matter.
(b) He went towards the site of accident, but the police did not allow us to go very close.

(a) He jumped into the well.
(b) One stream flows into another.
Figuratively: We have entered into an agreement to export handicrafts to some European countries.

(3) At:
(a) He threw a stone at the dog.
(b) He threw a ball to the child. (The ball reached the child.)
(c) He threw a ball towards the child. (He threw the ball in the direction which the child was standing. The ball may or may not have reached the child.)
(c) He threw the ball at the child. (He wanted to hit the child with the ball.)

(a)The child leaves for the school at 7 a.m.
(b)We shall soon sat off for Bombay.

(a)He threw the goods against the wall.

(B)Prepositions of direction from:

(a)He brought these books from the market.
(b)He had already gone from home.

(a)He fell off the cycle.
(b)Take your hands off the books.

(3)Out of:
(a)He took a few books out of the almirah.

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