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Words Often Confused (F & G series)

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1. Facetious: humorous
Factious: causing dissension, quarrelsome

2. Facility: comfort, ease
Felicity: happiness

3. Factitious: artificial; not natural
Fictitious: imaginary; unreal

4. Fain: gladly
Feign: pretend

5. Fair: beautiful or white- complexioned, just, festival
Fare: charge to be paid for a journey, food provided

6. Farmer: peasant
Former: first in position

7. Feat: a deed of skill
Feet: the part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint

8. Famous: widely known and esteemed
Notorious: of evil reputation
Notable: worthy of being noted

9. Farther: comparative degree of ‘far'
Further: greater in degree or quantity

10. Fatal: deadly
Fateful: producing important results

11. Floor: the inside lower horizontal surface (as of a room, hallway, tent, or other structure)
Flour: ground grains
Flower: a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms

12. Formally: ceremoniously
Formerly: previously

13. Forth: onward
Fourth: at number four
14. Funeral: ceremonies at burial
Funereal: sad

15. Gait: manner of walking
Gate: a movable barrier in a fence or wall

16. Gamble: game of chance
Gambol: a skip about

17. Gaol: jail
Goal: aim

18. Gentle: mild; polite
Genteel: graceful in form, fashionable

19. Graceful: pleasing
Gracious: kind

Sample Usage


1. Facetious: Since I was already tense, his facetious remarks irritated me.
Factious: We should try to eliminate all factious elements from our group.

2. Facility: The bus facility is provided for the college staff.
Felicity: Only a person with uncontaminated virtue can enjoy true felicity.

3. Factitious: It is easy to see that his manners are factitious.
Fictitious: Being scared of criticism from the public, he writes under a fictitious name.

4. Fain: I would fain come with you to your sister's house.
Feign: As he was not in a mood to do anything, he feigned illness.

5. Fair: His girl friend has got a fair complexion.
Fare: What is the plane fare from Delhi to Bombay?

6. Farmer: Indian farmers no longer use primitive methods of cultivating their land.
Former: Uma and Rashmi are two sisters; the former is the younger of the two.

7. Feat: People were astonished at the feats of the juggler.
Feet: If you walk with your feet bare, you are likely to catch cold.

8. Famous: Shakespeare is famous for his tragedies.
Notorious: Last evening, the police succeeded in apprehending a notorious dacoit.
Notable: There is a notable difference between the standards of these two children.

9. Farther: They walked two miles farther into the forest and found a dead lion.
Further: I developed the argument further and made the point clear.

10. Fatal: He got a fatal wound in a combat with another suitor for the hand of a beautiful girl.
Fateful: The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was fateful event for the people of England.

11. Floor: For want of enough space, we sleep on the floor.
Flour: The price of wheat flour has gone up.
Flower: She stuck a flower in her hair.

12. Formally: The minister was formally welcomed by the college staff and students.
Formerly: Now he is a businessman, but formerly he was the manager of the firm.

13. Forth: Nobody came forth to help the man in distress.
Fourth: April is the fourth month of the year.

14. Funeral: His funeral was attended by many ministers.
Funereal: The funereal look in his eyes made me shudder.

15. Gait: I recognized him by his gait.
Gate: Would you please open the gate and see who is there?

16. Gamble: Do not gamble if you want to inherit your father's property.
Gambol: It is a delight to look at the deer gamboling in the fields.

17. Gaol: The thief was put into the gaol, for he had tried to run away with the valuables.
Goal: You can achieve your goal only if you co-operate with others.

18. Gentle: He is so gentle that he cannot even harm a fly.
Genteel: Everybody admired her genteel appearance.

19. Graceful: She was fascinated by his graceful personality.
Gracious: His subordinates loved him, for he was gracious to them.

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