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Words Often Confused (L,M,N &O-Series)

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1. Later: comparative degree of ‘late'
Latter: coming after; refers to position

2. Lean: thin
Lien: right to retain possession of another's property

3. Lessen: to reduce
Lesson: work set for a pupil; moral

4. Lightening: making lighter
Lightning: electric flash in the clouds

5. Loan: anything lent
Lone: solitary

6. Loathe: hate
Loth: unwilling

7. Look: to see closely or attentively
See: to perceive with eye

8. Loose: the opposite of ‘tight'
Lose: fail to keep or to maintain; cease to have, either physically or in an abstract sense

9. Lovable: worthy of love
Lovely: beautiful

10. Luxuriant: rich in growth
Luxurious: full of luxury

11. Mantel: the ornamental shelf over a fire place
Mantle: a kind of cloak
Mental: involving the mind or an intellectual process

12. Marry: to wed
Merry: full of joy

13. Marshal: a high army title
Martial: warlike; brave in fighting

14. Mean: average
Mien: bearing; expression of face

15. Memorable: worth remembering
Memorial: some statue or building the serves to preserve the memory

16. Metal: any of several chemical elements that are usually shiny solids that conduct heat or electricity and can be formed into sheets etc.
Mettle: spirit; courage

17. Medal: an award for winning a championship or commemorating some other event
Meddle: to interfere

18. Momentary: lasting only a moment
Momentous: important

19. Monitory: giving monitory
Monetary: concerning

20. Moral: principles of right or wrong
Morale: mental condition which enables persons to keep up courage and enthusiasm

21. Motif: theme, subject
Motive: incentive

22. Mutual: given and received between two persons
Common: belonging to all concerned

23. Necessaries: things without which the life is not possible, such as food, clothing and shelter
Necessities: pressing needs or wants

24. Negligent: careless
Negligible: something that can be neglected

25. Oar: of a boat
Ore: mineral

26. Observance: performance
Observation: perception

27. Official: connected with office
Officious: meddlesome

28. Ordinance: a rule of order
Ordnance: military weapons

Sample Usage


1. Later: He reached the station later than I.
Latter: Ashok and Dilip are brothers; the latter is more active of the two.

2. Lean: His prolonged illness has made him lean and weak.
Lien: He will continue lien on this building till he gets back the loan.

3. Lessen: You should lessen your expenditure if you want to save some money.
Lesson: The teacher asked him if he had learnt his lesson.

4. Lightening: The new budget, instead of lightening the burden of the salaried people, has added to it.
Lightning: Thunder is often accompanied with flashes of lightning.

5. Loan: I took a loan from the bank for buying a new car.
Lone: She was the lone worker in the field.

6. Loathe: I loathe the very sight of him.
Loth: She was loth to part with the ring.

7. Look: As I looked towards the sea, I was frightened to see a big whale.
See: Alice saw no one when she entered the big mansion.

8. Loose: This shirt is too loose for me.
Lose: You will lose all your respect if you continue to keep his company.

9. Lovable: His lovable nature wins him the admiration of others.
Lovely: This garden is full of lovely flowers.

10. Luxuriant: Her luxuriant hair adds to her beauty.
Luxurious: Being a millionaire, he is leading a luxurious life.

11. Mantel: Please don't put your cosmetics on the mantel; the child might spoil them.
Mantle: She had put on a heavy mantel to protect her body from the severe cold.
Mental: He was advised by the doctors to avoid mental strain.

12. Marry: His parents forced him to marry the girl of their choice.
Merry: It was quite late but they were still busy making merry.

13. Marshal: The marshal infused new spirit in the minds of his depressed soldiers.
Martial: The Greeks were a martial race.

14. Mean: Find the mean of these two numbers.
Mien: Everybody was impressed by the saint's kind mien.

15. Memorable: The way they parted is a memorable event.
Memorial: A memorial was built to the memory of brave soldiers.

16. Metal: Lead is one of the heaviest metals.
Mettle: This war is going to test the mettle of our soldiers.

17. Medal: He was awarded a gold medal for standing first in the university.
Meddle: You must not meddle in others' affairs.

18. Momentary: The light of a glow-worm has a momentary existence.
Momentous: Momentous changes have taken place in his life since marriage.

19. Monitory: A monitory notice was given to the villagers.
Monetary: There is no monetary gain involved in this work.

20. Moral: Man should try to live up to some moral values
Morale: The initial blows from the enemy robbed the soldiers of their morale.

21. Motif: I have not been able to appreciate the motif of this painting.
Motive: It was difficult to understand his motive behind his pleasant talks.

22. Mutual: Their conjugal happiness is being destroyed, for they lack mutual understanding.
Common: The good of the common people requires that we should not be selfish.

23. Necessaries: The necessaries of life should be made available to the people at prices within everyone's reach.
Necessities: It is highly undesirable to resort to unfair means in order to gain the necessities of life.

24. Negligent: The librarian was dismissed because he was found negligent in his work.
Negligible: The rise of the water in the river is negligible.

25. Oar: The oar slipped from his hands and the boat lost its balance.
Ore: Bihar is rich in iron ore.

26. Observance: A strict observance of punctuality will increase the efficiency of development.
Observation: Unless one has a keen observation, one cannot become a successful writer.

27. Official: Whenever he goes on an official tour, he brings his wife a pretty saree.
Officious: I always get irritated at his officious manners.

28. Ordinance: An ordinance was issued by the Finance Minister.
Ordnance: All ordnance factories are strictly guarded.

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