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Usages of Commonly Confused Words

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There are groups of words which often confuse us because of their similarity; either in meaning or in sound, form or origin. Some of them are very similar in meaning - so similar as to be called Synonyms. Take for instance, the word see or look or observe, or glance at or notice. Such words mean nearly, but not exactly the same thing.

Words Often Confused And Misused

1.Accept - (to agree, to take willingly, consent to)
Except - (but, not including)

2.Accident - (something unexpected, usually tragic in nature)
Incident - (some ordinary event)

3.Advice - (Noun - counsel)
Advise - (Verb - to give advice)

4.Allowed - (permitted)
Aloud - (loudly)

5.Angle - space between two meeting lines or surfaces, point of view
Angel – messenger of God

6.Bail - (security)
Bale - (a bundle of goods)

7.Bare - (uncovered; naked)
Bear - (Verb - tolerate)
Bear - (Noun - a wild animal)

8.Berth - (sleeping place in a train or aboard a ship)
Birth - (to be born)

9.Beside - (next to; by the side of)
Besides - (in addition to; as well as)

10.Brake – (device for stopping or slowing a vehicle)
Break – (spilt)

11.Blew - (Past Tense of blow)
Blue - (a colour)

12.By – (means)
Bye – (parting word)

13.Cattle - (cows, bulls, buffaloes, etc.)
Kettle – (vessel for boiling water)

14.Check -(examine; to 1ook at something carefully )
Cheque - (written order to a bank to pay money)

15.Cite - (to quote)
Site - (a place chosen for some special purpose)
Sight - (view)

16.Ceiling - (roof)
Sealing - (to close with some aid)

17.Cell - (a very small room)
Cell - (battery) : Two cells were put in the torch.
Sell - A greengrocer sells vegetables.

18.Coarse - (rough)
Course - (path) : A river changes its course with time.
Course - (syllabus) : Revise the entire course for the final examination.

19.Compliment - (to express regards)
Complement - (that which completes)

20.Current- (Noun)
Current - (Adjective)
Currant – (small seedless dried grape)

Sample Usage

1.Sudhir accepted my invitation.
All except Sudha were present at the party.

2.My car was damaged in an accident.
Tell us some interesting incident of your life.

3.We must follow the advice of our elders.
He advised me to stop all dealings with the new firm.

4.He has been allowed to go home by the teacher.
Please read the letter aloud.

5.A right angle has ninety degrees.
Why are you trying to look at it from a different angle?
Angels are heavenly beings.

6.The accused has been released on bail.
More than hundred bales of cotton were gutted in the fire.

7.Do not walk bare-headed in the sun.
He cannot bear hardships.
A bear has thick black fur.

8.I got a berth reserved for me in the first class compartment.
Reena recently gave birth to a son.

9.We sat beside the window and talked.
Besides giving me clothes, she also gave me some money.

10.The driver of the train applied brakes in time to avoid the accident.
I cannot break this stick into two.

11.The guard blew the whistle and the train steamed off.
The sky is blue.

12.By who were you called?
I said good bye to her.

13.The cattle are grazing in the field.
Kettle - The kettle is full of hot tea.

14.The teacher had checked all the notebooks.
Today, I have received my first cheque from ISC.

15.He cited many examples to prove his point.
Have they chosen the site for the new school?
Her eyesight is quite weak.

16.The ceiling of this room in very high.
The sealing of the letter was not done properly.

17.This jail has twenty-four cells.
Cell - (battery) : Two cells were put in the torch.
Sell - A greengrocer sells vegetables.

18.Gandhiji advised people to wear clothes made of coarse cloth.
A river changes its course with time.
Revise the entire course for the final examination.

19.I complimented Miss Sunita on her fine performance.
Point out the complement of the Verb in this sentence.

20.The current of this river is very strong.
This fashion is current now-a-days,
Currants are dried grapes.

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