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Types of Sentences

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1) Assertive Sentences: Sentences which state facts, describe things or report events are called assertive or declarative sentences.

2) Imperative Sentences: Sentences that express an order, a request, an advice, a direction, a suggestion, command etc.are imperative sentences. These sentences start with a verb and the subject ( you) is understood.

3) Interrogative Sentences: Sentences that are used to make enquiries and to ask questions are interrogative or question sentences.

4) Exclamatory Sentences: Sentences that express surprise, admiration, pity, sorrow and other feelings in an emphatic ways are called exclamatory sentences.

5) Affirmative Sentences: Sentences affirming something in a positive way are called as affirmative sentences.

6) Negative Sentences: All statements that have words like not, never etc. and are negative in meaning are called as negative sentences.

Sample Usage

Assertive Sentences :

1) Dr. Mohan teaches English.
2) Varanasi is on the banks of the Ganga.
3) Hyderabad is the capital of Andhra Pradesh.

Imperative Sentences:

1) Take these books to the library.
2) Get me a cup of coffee, please.
3) Be neither a borrower, nor a lender.

Note: There are sentences which express commands in an indirect way. Let is used at the beginning of these sentences. Subject is not omitted but expressed in these sentences.

1) Let the manager talk to the director first.
2) Let the game begin.

Interrogative Sentences:

1) Can I help you?
2) Is ISC the best educational portal?
3) How to become an editor?

Exclamatory Sentences:

1) What a site this is!
2) What a wonderful place to be in!
3) What a tragedy!

Affirmative Sentences:

1) I agree to your point.
2) Yes, I am with you.

Negative Sentences:

1) He is not a rich man.
2) I cannot complete this work today.

Note: Commands can also be negative. – Don't touch those glass exhibits. These sentences are called negative commands or prohibitions.

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