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Imported Words - Additional French Borrowings

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Here are fifteen more words borrowed from French.

1. tour de force (t»r'd* fôrs") an exceptional achievement using the full skill, ingenuity, and resources of a person, country, or group.

2. connoisseur (kon'* sûr", -s»r") a person who is especially competent to pass critical judgments in art or in matters of taste.

3. raconteur (rak'on tûr", -t»r") a person who is skilled in relating anecdotes.

4. poseur (po zûr") a person who attempts to impress others by assuming or affecting a manner, degree of elegance, etc.

5. saboteur (sab'* tûr") a person who deliberately destroys property, obstructs services, or undermines a cause.

6. décolletage (da'kol täzh") the neckline of a dress cut low in the front or back and often across the shoulders.

7. mêlée (ma"la, ma la") a confused, general hand-to-hand fight.

8. tout à fait (t»' tä fa") entirely.

9. chauffeur (sho"f*r, sho fûr") a person employed to drive another person's automobile.

10. fiancé (fe'än sa", fe än"sa) a man engaged to be married.

11. protégé (pro"t* zha', pro't* zha") a person under the patronage or care of someone influential who can further his or her career.

12. gourmet (g»r ma", g»r"ma) a connoisseur in the delicacies of the table.

13. tout de suite (t»t swet") at once; immediately.

14. chic (shek) attractive and fashionable in style; stylish.

15. tout le monde (t»'l* mônd") everyone; everybody.

Sample Usage

1)Herman Melville's Moby Dick was a tour de force.
The way the president got his bill through the Senate was a tour de force.

2)a connoisseur of fine wines.
An encouraging result for discerning pizza connoisseurs, who may now be asking for an extra topping of fuzzy logic with their next pizza.

3)He is such a good raconteur that the two books are very easy to read and enjoy.
He was a superb raconteur, and a fund of bawdy stories.

4)Basses are charitable people, but their charity does not extend so far as tenors, whom they consider effete poseurs.
Our advice, save yourself the agony of anymore verbal assaults from this pretentious poseur.

5)The local hunt saboteurs always add a bit of Sussex color to this traditional past time.
Anyone caught without an identity card would be treated with suspicion as a possible enemy saboteur.

6)She pulls you into her pillowy décolletage, squeezing exuberantly and for a few seconds longer than a good friend might.

7)You will also be lost in the melee of people trying to contact Kodak right now.
Players on both sides quickly joined in, creating a melee.

8)The very careful vineyards will make good wine as they usually do mais par tout le monde.

9)We provide a friendly, uniformed chauffeur to help you relax on that important journey.
Anyway, once I've moved in I'll employ a chauffeur to do the driving for me!

10) "Howard Stern and fiancée Beth Ostrosky have yet to tie the knot "

11)At the risk of being thought contentious, I don't think that was a gourmet

12)The course fee includes a gourmet three course lunch with wine.
Windows Restaurant at The London Hilton will serve a special three-course gourmet Cuban menu with wine suggestions to evoke the spices of Cuba.

13) Nah, then, alley toot sweet, an' the tooter the sweeter.

14) A very attractive bracelet, that dates from circa 1950, this will add a little vintage chic to your outfit!
A chic online lingerie boutique selling luxurious new brands.

15) Tout le monde should make a presentation in class tomorrow.

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