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Parts of Speech in English Language

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-------------------- Parts of Speech in English Language -----------------

English language is one of the most used languages in the world. Every nation has its own way of speaking English and thus accent and manner of English speaking changes from country to country.

In Standard English there are various parts. While preparing an English sentence which include different forms and parts, Some of the parts of speech which one should include and take care while speaking and making correct grammatical English are as follows:


The most essential part of speech without which no sentence in English is complete. This is mainly known as action or state of work to be performed on the object by its subject.

E.g.: is, are, work, was, can, like, do etc.

1.India is a country.
2.Siwach likes the Indiastudychannel most.


Noun is a thing or person performing an action. This is used as a subject or as an object in the sentence.

e.g. Teacher, Cat, Rabbit, Town, India, Ramesh etc

1.This is my rabbit.
2.Siwach lives in Meerut.


Pronouns are those parts of speech which replace nouns in the sentence and are mostly used for the subject part.

e.g. He, She, You, Me, I, We, Some etc.

1.She is the most beautiful girl in the village.
2.I like to work with Indiastudychannel.


Adjectives are used to describe a noun, specifying the properties of the noun.

e.g. a, an, well, big, the, good

1.This is a table.
2.This table is big.
3.Siwach uses large pens.


Adverbs are used to describe the verbs, adjectives or another adverb . They are commonly define properties for the verbs.

e.g. very, well, quickly, badly, really.

1.Siwach swims fast.
2.Siwach has a really big television.


Prepositions are nothing but joining words in a sentence. They are commonly used to join noun to another word in the sentence.

e.g. to, at, but, on, for

1.Siwach went to college on Sunday.
2.The River Ganga flows in the east of Kailash


These are just exclamations which are mainly used to complete the sentences and show the behavior of the speech.

e.g. Hi, Oh, Ouch, Well

1.Ouch! This is very painful.
2.Hi! How are you doing?


Conjunctions are used to join two or more clauses, sentences or words in the speech. They are: and, if, but, when etc.


1.Siwach loves music and Amit likes pets.
2.Preet loves Amit but Amit hates Preet.

So this is the proper way we can use different parts of speech to build up a good sentence to make English look easier.

Sample Usage

As used in the explanation.

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