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Conjunctive Adverbs

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Conjunctive Adverbs

A conjunctive adverb is a word that connects complete ideas by describing their relationship to each other. The conjunctive adverbs pretend they are conjunctions; however, the semicolon is what really connects the two clauses together. sometimes conjunctive adverbs try to pretend they are full conjunctions and hook two independent clauses together.

Common Conjunctive Adverbs

accordingly, again, also, as a result, besides, consequently, finally, for example, further, furthermore, hence, however, in addition, indeed, in fact, in particular, instead, likewise, meanwhile, moreover, namely, nevertheless, of course, otherwise, still, that is, then, therefore

The train is in very bad disrepair; for example, the air conditioning rarely works, the windows won't open, and the seats are broken.

You should not be angry at them for arriving early; undoubtedly, they were nervous and overestimated the time that the drive would take.

Conjunctive adverbs are also known as transitions because they link related ideas. You can distinguish conjunctive adverbs from coordinating and subordinating conjunctions easily by remembering that conjunctive adverbs can be moved within a sentence; conjunctions cannot.


The taxi was late; however, we arrived in time to catch the entire first act.
The taxi was late; we arrived, however, in time to catch the entire first act.
The taxi was late; we arrived in time to catch the entire first act, however.

Although some versions are better, notice that the sentence makes sense regardless of the position of the conjunctive adverb. The same is not true with coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Sample Usage

The gods thundered in the heavens; furthermore, the mortals below cowered in fear.

The bank robber dodged the bullet; however, Joey was shot seventeen times in the tibia.

Susan appreciated the flowers; nevertheless, a Corvette would be a finer gift.

You failed to meet the deadline; consequently, the deal is off.

Dr. Wheeler is a grammar tyrant; thus, he requires correct punctuation.

The instructor's English is poor; consequently, they all failed the exam.

She will go on a blind date with George; however, he is a really ugly fellow.

I know Mr Evans was drunk; however, I am not responsible for his actions.

The exam was very difficult; consequently, the students received only average grades.

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