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Paragraph Writing Techniques

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Usage of paragraphs forms a vital aspect of writing and is an important step towards improving your English skills. You cannot just insert paragraphs willy-nilly any which way you want. There are specific points to keep in mind in forming paragraphs so as to ensure that your text is a complete and comprehensive whole.

What is a paragraph?

Basically a paragraph is a section of text that comprises of a group of sentences that are related to each other. That is, the sentences are not random lines but connected to each other in such a way that the paragraph as a whole becomes meaningful.

What is the purpose of a paragraph?

The purpose or function of a paragraph is to split a text into sections so that the subject matter of the text can be better explained. Instead of the text itself becoming one long paragraph, it is divided into paragraphs.

What are the best ways to put in paragraphs in a text?

First of all, do not split the text needlessly into numerous paragraphs.

Secondly, each individual paragraph should not be extra long. At the same time, do not make it so short that it comprises of just two to three sentences. Many people make the mistake of writing just one sentence in each paragraph – note that a single sentence does not make a paragraph at all, but is just a sentence by itself. Such a sentence sort of hovers in the body of the text, as though suspended in mid-air!

What are the important aspects of a paragraph?

1. A paragraph should center on a particular feature of the topic that forms the main text. That is to say, you are putting across a specific thought or suggestion.

2. While the first sentence sets the tone of the paragraph and gives an idea of what will be discussed, every paragraph that follows should not have the same exact first sentence. You should vary the way in which you start a paragraph. For example, if you are writing on Chennai, every paragraph should not begin with the word Chennai. You can start with 'The city' or 'The southern city of India' or 'In the city of dosas and idlis', etc.

3. Each sentence in a paragraph should be properly connected to the sentences that go before it.

4. Each paragraph should be consistently related to the text as a whole and not disconnected to other paragraphs.

5. Hence it is necessary to have a continuous flow from one paragraph to the next.

What are the different types of paragraphs?

1. One of the most common types of paragraph is the Descriptive paragraph. This paragraph, as the name implies, describes a specific thing, individual or a setting. Without going into too many details, you should describe it in an informative way.

2. Another type is the Narrative paragraph, which also does not just describe an event but gives an account of it in a very clear manner.

3. When you compare two things and point out the differences in them, it becomes a Difference paragraph. In such a paragraph, you will use words like 'while', 'whilst', 'whereas', 'although', 'on the contrary', 'however', etc.

Sample Usage

Descriptive Paragraph Sample:
India Review Channel(IRC) is a sister site of India Study Channel (ISC). It is an interesting and informative portal that not only gives comprehensive knowledge of products, but also reviews of those products. It covers products like vehicles, mobiles, cameras, office equipment, etc as well as shopping establishments, restaurants, bakeries, etc.

What's more, IRC, like ISC, is a good earning avenue for those who wish to work from home. After being an active contributor for a few months and on reaching the Gold level of membership, a member can apply for the Google AdSense revenue sharing program. Through this program, the member earns revenue from the Google Ads posted at his/her pages. Go on – join right away!

Narrative Paragraph Sample:
Last week we had an enjoyable time at the Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru. The spacious gardens has plenty of pathways. However, since we had spent the better part of the day shopping and were a bit tired we decided to hop aboard the bus provided for visitors. We got in and were driven to the rose garden section. We got off to look at the roses more closely and, suddenly, the bus took off! We were surprised as we thought it would be parked there for some time while we looked around. We felt a bit foolish, but had a good laugh at ourselves. If we had just enquired first before getting off, we would not have had to walk back to the main entrance.

Looking at the positive side, we did get to see the blooms at close range and took some lovely photographs– something we would not have taken pleasure in if we had remained in the bus. There were a variety of roses in varying hues, with neat signboards giving the names of each rose species. My niece was the happiest, constantly chattering away and pointing to this and that rose, excited that she would be able to submit a good project for her school assignment. After spending a couple of hours in the gardens, we headed back to our accommodation. A day well spent!

Difference Paragraph Sample:
While Diva Maharashtracha and Goa Portuguesa are adjacent to each other and are both having the same owners, the two restaurants are different in many aspects.

Diva Maharashtracha serves cuisines of the various regions of the State of Maharashtra, Goa Portuguesa has on its menu food that is exclusive to the coastal region of Goa. Thus, for example, kothimbir vadis and modaks can be enjoyed at Diva Maharashtracha whereas at Goa Portuguesa you can feast on Goan curry and sea food. A variety of sea food is also exclusive to Goa Portuguesa.

As you can see, paragraph writing is not such a big deal after all! With a little practice, you can master it too in no time.

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