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Adjective--Unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings.
Used in the context when one is unyielding or stubborn enough.One who is very callous and unbending is generally tagged with this word.

Synonyms--hard, obstinate, inflexible, reprobate, shameless.
Antonyms--tractable, humble, repentant, soft.

Sample Usage

1)I am very obdurate in matters involving my career and its decisions.

2)Rohith is very obdurate and does not yield to his mother's words.

3)Peter did not pay any heed to my advice as he is very obdurate.

4)"Do not be so obdurate, you will lose many things in life if you continue to be so", warned Sharman's father.

5)Rajesh was so obdurate that he lost many golden chances in his life.

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