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Similar Sounding Commonly Confused Words: Current and Currant

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The words current and currant are pronounced in the same manner, but have different meanings.

The word current can be used both as an adjective and as a noun.
(a) As an adjective the meanings of current are: present; existing; in progress; recent; modern. Antonym: dated.

(b) As a noun the meanings of current are: flow; stream; undercurrent; tide. It could refer to both air and water.


The word currant refers to a small dried grape.

Sample Usage

Examples of current as an adjective:
1. The current policies of the Government are not good for economic progress.
2. The company's current staff is over hundred.
3. It is necessary for a lawyer to always be knowledgeable about all the current legal changes.

Examples of current as a noun:
1. The strong river current swept the swimmer away from the others.
2. The cool air current brought a good deal of relief to the spectators.
3. The life guards warned the teenagers at the beach that the sea current was very dangerous.


Examples of currant:
1. Swati loved the currants and pleaded with her mother to buy some more.
2. Eating a few currants daily is good for the health.
3. The vendor was selling the currants at a very high price and hence did not get many buyers.

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