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Similar Sounding Confusing Words: Boar and Bore

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The words boar and bore are pronounced in the same manner and sound the same, but are two totally different words.

The word bore can be used as a verb or as a noun.

As a verb the meanings of bore are: not interesting; irksome.
Antonym: interest

As a noun the word bore refers to a person who bores.


The word boar is a noun. It refers to a pig or a hog.

Sample Usage

Examples of bore as a verb:
1. Peter was finding it a bore to do the same task over and over again.
2. It was a big bore to listen to the long speech.
3. Most people consider it a bore to wait for advertisements to get over during program breaks.

Examples of bore as a noun:
1. Everybody knew that Shailendra would be a big bore at the picnic.
2. We expected the lecture on dynamics to be a big bore, but the Professor made it very interesting.
3. Many members did not consider it a bore to participate in group discussions.


Examples of boar:
1. The boar charged out of the jungle at great speed.
2. The farmer called the veterinarian to check on the health of the boar that he kept in the outhouse.
3. The boar was very hungry but could not find anything to eat in the yard.

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