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Similar Sounding Confusing Words: Confident and Confidant

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The words confident and confidant have a difference of just one alphabet: 'e' and 'a'. They are often incorrectly pronounced in the exact same manner, hence adding to the confusion! When pronouncing confidant the stress is on 'da', with the mouth open wider than when you pronounce the word confident. The meanings of the two word are also totally different.

The word confident is an adjective.
Meanings: sure; certain; positive; convinced; in no doubt; self-assured. Antonyms: unsure; insecure.

The word confidant is a noun.
Meanings: close friend; best friend; intimate person; person who is your sounding board.

Sample Usage

Examples of confident:
1. The new fencing coach was very confident that the national team would win the Olympic gold.
2. Niharika was confident that she would pass the exams with flying colours.
3. A confident Saina took on the top ranked Chinese player in the finals of the badminton tournament.


Examples of confidant:
1. Kiran had always been Mihir's closest confidant.
2. The cousins were confidants since childhood, sharing all their joys and sorrows with each other.
3. The two managers realized that they could be each other's confidants.

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