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Similar Sounding Confusing Words: Considerable and Considerate

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The words considerable and considerate have no connection whatsoever. Yet people confuse these two words and use them incorrectly.

The word considerable is an adjective.
Meanings: substantial; sizeable; significant; large; extensive. It need not refer only to something in terms of numbers or amount or quantity, but also to a person.
Antonym: insignificant.


The word considerate is an adjective. Meanings: thoughtful; kind; understanding; selfless; caring. Antonym: inconsiderate.

Sample Usage

Examples of considerable:
1. The member realized he needed to contribute a considerable number of articles to get Google AdSense approval.
2. Some students do not realize that a considerable amount of money is required to pursue an education abroad.
3. The Java architect was highly respected and regarded as a considerable figure in the IT sector.


Examples of considerate:
1. The English professor was always considerate to his students, willing to help them out with difficulties even after class.
2. Mrs. Solanki was a considerate neighbour and ensured that her teenage son kept the volume of his music system low so as not to disturb others.
3. Sikander was liked by all as he was considerate towards everybody he met.

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