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This is an adjective which is generally used when anything is expressed in few words. When things are spoken shortly, or in a terse and concise manner, this word is used.

It is characterized by conciseness and is a precise expression in few words.

The adverb form is: succinctly
The noun form is: succinctness
Synonyms are pithy, terse, brief, condensed, epigrammatic,
Antonyms are unsuccinct, lengthy, wordy, verbose, long-winded.

Sample Usage

1)It is always advisable for an agreement to be succinct and to the point thereby removing unnecessary information.

2)It is said that one who talks succinctly thinks a lot before uttering a word.

3)"This query is very succinct to answer": sighed the student.

4)Succinct sentences sometimes change the whole of the meaning.

5)Raghav prefers a succinct style of writing, and prefers to stick to the point.

6)Dancing should be done in a succinct manner to be impressive.

7)It is very tough to be succinct and clear while explaining your ideas to others, which John mastered.

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