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Mundane is an adjective which is pertaining to this world or earth. Anything related to this earth or something that contrasts with heaven is called mundane. Any heavenly body can sometimes be termed mundane according to the situation.

Something that is common or banal or of clichéd context is also termed as mundane. The word secular can be linked to mundane and used in its context because it is related to all and everyone. Something that is earthly and related to this universe is called mundane.

Related Forms:
Adverb form is: mundanely
Noun form is: mundaneness

Synonyms are:
earthly, worldly, banal, earthbound, prosaic.
Antonyms are:
unmundane, heavenly, postmundane, exciting, extraordinary, supernatural.

Sample Usage

1) Rakesh had a lot of dry, mundane tasks which he had to submit as a report.

2) The theatre which I visited last weekend was mundane as it lacked style in the choice of furniture.

3) Krishna has a mundane schedule daily which often irritates his wife who pesters him to take a break.

4) Raju has the capacity to face any mundane task with a smiling face.

5) The tasks in the office were so boring and mundane that Latha usually takes a nap for every 1 hour.

6) Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin along with Collins took a picture of the mundane Earth while they were in space.

7) Going to school is mundane for children; they go there every day.

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