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It is a verb to roam or go around in quest of plunder or loot.This can be explained as a vigorous search to find or locate or grab money.
Can be termed as a raid for booty or money in the form of ransom.This money thus procured is not obtained by fair means.

It is called the act of marauding and is derived in the year 1960
A marauder--the noun form of maraud is the person who loots the money.
Synonyms are:
invade,foray, ravage, attack, harry, despoil, harass, ransack.
Antonyms are:
behave, manner.

Sample Usage

1)At the end of the war the country had been marauded by group of soldiers.

2)In the wake of religious differences and unrest the city was marauded mercilessly.

3)The Prussian soldiers marauded the city after they won the battle.

4)Citizens of yester years had their life marauded time to time as there had been no proper rule and acts against the army.

5)Britishers marauded Indians during their rule and left Indians penniless.

6)Penury increased in the countryside of Sudan as the rulers marauded them for money for every 3 months.

7)Bhagat singh was a marauder as he used to sneak into Britisher's fort and marauded them stealthily.

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