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Vocal Verbs and Vocal Adverbs

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Using Vocal verbs and Vocal Adverbs gives you an edge over others while speaking and during conversation. When you use'say'word again and again in your conversation it becomes boring. Repeatedly using 'He said' or 'she said' does not give a very good impression to the listener.

Vocal verbs and vocal adverbs gives a better description of the feeling of your speech and writing. Therefore usage of vocal verbs and adverbs is very important.

Vocal verbs and adverbs are very useful in conveying useful and important information to the listeners and readers. They are also useful in providing motivation behind questions, statements and replies.

Sample Usage

Vocal Verbs

To say something suddenly

1. Exclaim - Ravi exclaimed with sorrow
2. Reveal - He revealed the truth
3. Utter - He uttered loudly
4. Gasp - Ram gasped in reaction to the accident
5. Blurt - Rajiv blurted out the truth

Providing Advice or giving opinion

1. Guidance - Teacher's guidance helped me a lot
2. Direction - I worked as per his directions
3. Advise - The advise of my senior really worked
4. Caution - Mother cautioned her son to be careful
5. Observe - Students observed that trekking was difficult
6. Warn - The workers warned people about the weak building

To say Loudly

1. Yell - The teacher yelled at the students
2. scream - The child screamed after falling from the chair
3. Shout - He shouted out the truth
4. Cry - The boy cried out in disdain when his brother was caught redhanded while stealing something from the grocery store.

To say softly/gently

1. Groan - The student groaned when the teacher asked a question
2. Whimper - Ravi whimpered his answers to the questions
3. Mumble - The mumbling of the child was not audible
4. Whisper - He whispered in my ears

To say with Command/Authority

1. Order - The Minister ordered his junior to visit the accident site
2. Announce - The Election commision will announce the election dates soon
3. Assert - Ravi asserted his rights as a citizen of the country
4. Declare - The Government has declared a holiday on Baisakhi.

Vocal Adverbs

Vocal adverbs are useful in providing the additional useful and important information on the feeling of the speaker

1. Angrily - 'with anger'.

The mother angrily asked her son to do his homework

2. Cautiously - it indicates 'carefully or in a careful manner'

He cautiously lifted the hot utensil

3. Cheerfully - Happiness or joy

The boy cheerfully agreed to do the homework

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