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Preposition of Position

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Many prepositions may be used to define the position of one object in relation to another:

At the table; in the bed; on/in the chair; behind the curtain; below the surface; beside the wall; under the table; across the field; between Bombay and Allahabad; near Delhi; over the fireplace; above the fields; within the house; along the border; among the brushes; etcetera.

Most important and easily confused among these are discussed below:

1.At, In : ‘At' has the idea of an exact point, and is, therefore used with houses, villages and small towns. ‘In' has the idea of a larger area and is used while speaking of bigger towns, states, countries, etc.

2.Between, Among: ‘Between' means in the middle of two; it may be two persons or things, or any items for a larger group. ‘Among' is used with more than two persons or things.

3.Above, Over: ‘Above' means higher than. ‘Over' means vertically above.

4.Below, Under: ‘Below' means lower than. ‘Under' means vertically below.

5.Beneath: ‘Beneath' also means in a lower position, but is mostly used figuratively only.

Sample Usage


1.At, In:
(a) At Karol Bagh in New Delhi; at Ambala; in England; at the end; in the middle.

2. Between, Among:
(a) A small table was lying between the two almirahs.
(b) He walked in the garden between the flowerbeds.
(c) Between you and me, he is the cheat and rogue.
(d) The hare hid himself among the bushes.
(e) Distribute these sweets among the children.

3. Above, Over:
(a) My house stands on a hilltop above the fields.
(b) There is a fan exactly over the table.
(c) He is above partiality.
(d) He is over forty years old.

4. Below, Under:
(a) There was a beautiful lake below us in the valley.
(b) The weary traveler was resting under the tree.
(c) The number was below ten.
(d) The road is under repair.

(a) She married beneath her.
(b) His actions are beneath attempt.

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