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How to Write A Good Paragraph

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A paragraph is a group of sentences dealing with one idea or topic. The sentences are closely related and arranged in a systematic way to express one idea or thought.

Generally, the first sentence of a paragraph gives an idea about the matter or topic under discussion. This sentence is known as the key sentence. Sometimes, the key sentence is placed in the middle or at the end as well. The other sentences in the paragraph support the main idea or theme with the help of examples, explanations and descriptions. Since a paragraph deals with one topic or theme only, one should be careful not to mix different themes or ideas in the same paragraph.

A paragraph may stand independently or it may be a part of a longer text like an essay. The important features of a good paragraph should be as follows:

Unity: Unity is one of the most important features of a good paragraph. All the sentences should be properly linked together to express one and the same idea or theme. They should be centered on the key sentence expressing the main theme and should provide necessary illustrations and information to understand the idea in a better way.

Coherence: Coherence or consistency is another important feature of a good paragraph. Each sentence should have some bearing on the previous sentence and lead to the next sentence thus knitting the idea or theme of the paragraph.

Organization: A good paragraph should have a key sentence and unity of purpose. A paragraph, beginning with a general statement, should lead to the main theme with the help of illustrations and additional information. The sentences should be so interlinked that they should form a part of the paragraph and shouldn't look like an individual one.

Besides the above, the following points should be kept in mind while writing a paragraph:

1.Think about the subject and decide the key sentence.

2.Carefully note down all the points related to the subject you have chosen.
3.Arrange the points systematically and develop the paragraph with the help of suitable sentences.

4.End the paragraph in an impressive way.

I am giving below two paragraphs written on some famous proverbs

Sample Usage

Sweet are the uses of adversity

The famous statement made by the Duke Senior in Shakespeare's As you Like it has become proverbial. Adversity purifies a man; like gold, when it is melted in fire, it gets purified. It is a boon in disguise. It can bring in one courage, confidence and maturity. Adversity also provides a man to test his real friends. Prosperity gains friends while adversity gives an opportunity to try them. Thus adversity can be proved beneficial to a man if he has a positive attitude towards life.

Where there is a will, there is a way

Life is full of difficulties. There are so many hurdles that hinder the way to great achievements. Only the persons with strong will power can face them boldly and make their way to success through them; while the feeble ones surrender to the odds. The curies had to work in extreme poverty. But their mind was sat upon the discovery of radium and they did not allow any of the difficulties to come in their way. Napoleon had to cross the Alps in winter. Any ordinary man would have stopped his mission. But Napoleon had an extra-ordinary will power, he believed that the word ‘impossible' was found only in the dictionary of the fools and ordered his soldiers to march on. They obeyed and conquered the Alps. Human intelligence, dedication, courage and perseverance can overcome all hurdles in life. Every problem has a solution. However difficult be the goals, it is possible to achieve them if there is will power.

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