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Punctuations and English

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Importance of punctuations

Punctuations are the tools by which the meaning of what we have written, is made clear. These are like the roads signs telling a person where to stop and where to pause. They also reflect the mood of the sentence.

Some of the daily in use punctuations are comma, full stop, question mark, exclamation mark.

1) Importance of comma: Comma marks a close connection of parts ,a slight pause is required.
--> to separate the items of a list, words, phrases and even clauses in series
--> to separate initials or titles following a person's name.
--> to set off parenthetical expressions or to set off words in direct address.

2)Importance of full stop:
-->This punctuation falls in the category of punctuations used in the end of a meaningful sentence. It indicates that the thought of a sentence is complete and one can begin a new sentence if, some more information is to be added.

-->This also sometimes used in place of conjunction. It shortens the length of a sentence and brings clarity to the sentence.
--> It is also used with abbreviations.

3) Importance of question mark and exclamation mark:

--> Questions mark and exclamation mark basically reflects the mood of the sentence like surprise, emotions.
--->We should avoid use of full stop after the use of 'question mark' and 'exclamation mark'.

4) Importance of apostrophe:
-->It is basically used to show possession. But at the same time its use is omitted when personal pronouns like hers, yours is used.
--> It is also used when letters are omitted in writing the contracted forms of some words.

5)Lesser used punctuations
-->colons and semicolons:
:A semicolon is used when two sentences' thoughts are very closely related.
:A colon is used generally to indicate a list or explanation or a definition related to the topic or data will follow.

--->Brackets, dashes and parenthesis:
:Brackets and parenthesis are generally used to give off some additional information related to the written matter, without interrupting the flow of the sentence.
: Dashes is generally used to switch between thoughts within the sentences. It is used when there is an abrupt shift in the thought and again jumping back to the flow of sentence is required.

Sample Usage

1) Comma:
-->My classes are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
-->Mrs. Sharma, the doctor, will call you on Monday.
-->I am proud, son, of what you have accomplished.

2)Full stop:
--> Yesterday, we went to market.
-->Mr. and Mrs. Sharma are a very helpful couple.

3)Question mark and Exclamatory mark:
--> Will you come tomorrow?
--> Oh! i forgot.
--> Wow! such a beautiful saree.

--> This is Sunita's book.
--> Poor chap, he did not get three days' pay.
-->I will changes to I'll. Here by using apostrophe we omitted "w" and "i".

5)Brackets, parenthesis, dashes.
-->Graphite ( an allotrope of carbon ) is used in the making of pencil.
-->This man - you must not forget- would prove to be an excellent cook.

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