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Use of foreign terms in English

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Sometimes when we read newspapers or some novels, to describe a particular instance, they use an appropriate foreign word which aptly brings out the desired meaning.

Foreign words can be taken from French, Spanish, Latin, Greek or even Hindi!. These words are recognised by the Royal English dictionaries.

Some of the examples are:

French words:

1) c'est la vie ----- > that life!

2) déjà vu --------> sense of having experienced before also.

3) faux pas --------> blunder

latin words:

1)ad hoc ----> for this thing.

2)alumnus ---- > former student---- plural is alumni

3)modus operandi ------> way of working.

Spanish words:

1)fiesta -----> holiday.

2)siesta -----> afternoon sleep or rest.

Sample Usage

1)When I remember my school days I say c'est la vie.

2) When I went to Dehradun I felt like déjà vu.

3) we need editors on ad hoc basis.

4) The IIT alumni every year arrange great get togethers.

5)The modus operandi of the robber was to break in when the people of the house were not around.

6) We had a fiesta in Goa.

7) My mother's siesta gave me ample opportunity to go out and do mischievous things

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