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Proper Use of Preposition—Part III

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Prepositions showing direction

To (towards some particular place)

They are going to school.
Will you accompany me to Delhi?
Are you not going to market?

Towards (aiming at a particular direction)

My friend tossed the newspaper towards me.
We went towards the park for an evening stroll.
She turned towards the teacher and asked the question.

Into (showing movement)

After a long walk, the traveller entered into a small village.
I entered into my room and locked it from inside.
The little boy dived into the river.

Out of (from something/somewhere)

He took the pen out of his pocket and kept it on the desk.
It is, raining hard; you cannot go out of your house now.
Hearing the noise, we rushed of the class.

Off (shows separation)

The thief jumped off the roof and ran away.
He fell off his bicycle and hurt himself.
She plucked the beautiful flower off the tree.

Up (upward direction)

He climbed up the mango tree in search of ripe mangoes.
The soldiers tried hard to climb up the high walls of the fort.
The prices of commodities are going up day by day.

Down (downward direction)

Slowly, we walked down the hill and came into a village.
The poor woodcutter's axe fell down into the river.
She got down from the bus and went away.

Over (Up-without contact)

The bird flew over the tall tree.
The thief jumped over the fence and escaped.
The aeroplane flew over the runway many times before landing.

Through (inside some place/thing etc.)

Two friends were passing through a dense forest.
I heard a noise and looked through the window.
Can you pass the thread through the eye of the needle?

Round (turn/around)

They went round the famous historical town.
We went round the village and talked to the people.
The Earth moves round the Sun

Along (by the side)

He walked along the riverbank and reached the village.
We drove along the road and reached our destination.
The car moved fast along the busy road.

Across (the other side/cross something)

We were waiting for a boat to sail us across the river.
Walking across the hills, they reached a small village.
The train was running across the paddy fields.

Past (cross)

We went past the old church and reached the town.
During our journey to Mumbai, the train went past many tunnels.
He ran fast and went past his father.

Sample Usage

As shown against each.

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