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Words Often Confused (B-Series)

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1. Bail: security
Bale: bundle

2. Banish: to remove from a country not necessarily one's own
Exile: to remove from one's own country.

3. Bare: naked
Bear: to carry, to tolerate

4. Beneficial: useful
Beneficent: kind

5. Berth: place of sleep
Birth: The time when something begins (especially life)

6. Beside: by the side of
Besides: in addition to

7. Boar: a wild pig
Bore: past tense of ‘bear'; suffered

8. Brake: device for stopping
Break: to destroy

9. Bridal: relating to a wedding
Bridle: headgear for an animal (noun), to control (verb)

Sample Usage


1. Bail: The magistrate was willing to release him on a bail of ten thousand rupees.
Bale: Hundreds of bales of cotton caught fire.

2. Banish: The Jews were banished from Germany.
Exile: Lord Rama was sent to fourteen years' exile.

3. Bare: The farmers have to work bare headed in the sun.
Bear: He is such a nuisance that I can't bear him.

4. Beneficial: A fall in the prices of the necessaries will be really beneficial to the poor.
Beneficent: He is so beneficent that he denies no one anything.

5. Berth: You have to travel a long distance; why don't you get a berth reserved?
Birth: We have recently seen a birth of a new nation.

6. Beside: We sat behind the fire-place and gossiped till midnight.
Besides: Besides giving me books, he wrote notes for me.

7. Boar: As soon as I stepped into the forest, I saw a boar staring at me.
Bore: She patiently bore the ill-treatment of her husband.

8. Brake: The brakes of the cycle failed, so it dashed into a car.
Break: The maid broke a pile of plates.

9. Bridal: We were invited to bridal feast.
Bridle: You can't control a horse without a bridle.

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