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Synonyms - Are they really similar?

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This is a very peculiar topic. We know that any two words which are similar to each other are called synonyms and "paryaywachi" in Hindi. There are similar, but are they fully similar? Are they same in meaning fully to the gap? What is the need of using synonyms, why are they used? What is the factor behind these all. To know about all these questions, read further in this topic.

We think that if we use a certain word which is a synonym of another word, we are safe with the words and the language. But it is not so. Ask yourself a question - Why will a language possess two 100% same words. Can't a person use only one word, like he/she does for so many words, which do not have exactly a synonym. No, the answer to all these questions is that though synonyms are ought to be same, but at your surprise, let me tell you that even synonyms are not totally same, not hundred percent. The aim of synonyms is that in certain cases if you fail to recall a specific word which is to be used in speech or written, then one can use alternatives.

So let me come to a product - "Synonyms are just alternatives for one another, they are not clones on each other". Even clones have certain differences, so what I want to tell is that synonyms are not 100% same to each other, when it comes to their similarity ranges. Leaving some basic words like, "is","are", etc, no combination of synonyms are totally same, but all they are is that they can be used alternatively and in most cases, there is no harm in using, until the person next to you is a someone excelled in English usage.

Let me tell you that for a given word, there may be many synonyms, but it is not true that all the synonyms can fulfill the requirements of one word in all the cases and in all types of situations and thus, sentences, too. It is really possible that many people who have read this topic might think that I have gone mad, but as I told you if you ask yourself that question, you may get the answer well. Moreover, you won't find this difference often in a book, but you will come to know as you get more fluent with specific words and when you know the exact meaning of the synonym words, practically. It is nothing like there are rules, you will have to find out which one is more appropriate for which case.

I am giving you a set of combination of so that you can understand the concept. Please note that you will always not find such differences, which you can notice, but if you give it a harder try, I promise you can find at least 1% difference. Best of luck to develop your vocabulary and understanding of synonyms.

Sample Usage

Monkey - It is an animal which we basically use for the modern ones.
Ape - It is also an animal, but we do not only use it for modern ones, but we use for the old ones too. Basically they are used for the old generation of monkeys.

Examine - It means to take something and see if it works, and if does not work, then what can be done to make the things perfect.
Test - It basically means to see if something which has been done is working or not. It does not usually include the correction part.

Create - It means to build up something which had not been built up previously ever, but people have a misconception that it means to build up anything which had been created previously.
Make - It means to build up something which had been built up previously also.

Perfume - It generally gives an idea of scent. Particularly, it is a type of chemical which imparts good smell.
Aroma - Any smell which is good can be called as aroma. It does not come just from perfume, but can come from anything, like even a talcum powder.

Prevent - It means to stop something which if not stopped, can cause trouble.
Stop - It means to stop anything from continuation. It does not necessarily intend to stop which can cause problems.

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