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Words Often Confused (E-series)

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1. Economic: concerning material needs of man
Economical: not wasteful, thrifty

2. Effective: producing an effect
Effectual: producing the desired effect

3. Elemental: pertaining to the elements
Elementary: rudimentary

4. Elicit: to draw out
Illicit: unlawful

5. Eligible: fit to be chosen
Illegible: indistinct

6. Elusive: escaping from grasp
Illusive: deceptive

7. Emigrant: one who leaves his country to settle in another
Immigrant: one who comes to live in a country

8. Eminent: distinguished
Imminent: something that is expected to happen in the near future

9. Enviable: arousing envy
Envious: feeling envy

10. Envy: painful awareness of an advantage enjoyed by another joined with a desire to possess the same advantage
Jealousy: hostility towards one believed to enjoy an advantage

11. Equitable: fair; just
Equable: uniform

12. Errand: task, some light duty; message
Errant: wandering; mistaken
Arrant: notorious

13. Erratic: irregular and unpredictable
Erroneous: mistaken; wrong; incorrect

14. Eruption: bursting out
Irruption: sudden invasion

15. Exalt: to praise
Exult: to rejoice

16. Exceptionable: objectionable
Exceptional: extraordinary

17. Excite: to arouse feelings
Incite: to drive on to a particular end; to stir

18. Excursion: a pleasure trip
Incursion: a sudden invasion

19. Exhausting: tiring
Exhaustive: comprehensive

20. Expedient: desirable; advisable
Expeditious: quick

21. Exposure: the act of being exposed
Exposition: explanation

22. Extant: still existing
Extent: size; degree
Extinct: no longer existing

Sample Usage


1. Economic: The government's economic policy includes certain projects for the betterment of the living conditions of the poor
Economical: You will be a great man for you are economical of time and money.

2. Effective: Try this medicine; it will prove effective.
Effectual: The conspiracy failed because Brutus did not adopt effectual means for its success.

3. Elemental: Facing the elemental fury is less painful than the ingratitude of one's friends.
Elementary: His knowledge of accounts is only elementary.

4. Elicit: The scientists tried very hard but they failed to elicit new facts about the problem.
Illicit: The police arrested him for illicit melting of the coins.

5. Eligible: Only an M.A. is eligible for teaching in a college.
Illegible: He writes so hastily that his hand becomes almost illegible.

6. Elusive: True happiness is highly elusive. The more you run after it, the more it gives you the slip.
Illusive: Worldly pleasures are illusive for they cannot bring true happiness.

7. Emigrant: Indians are often attached by the wealth of the west and they become the emigrants of the western countries.
Immigrant: In England the immigrants do not enjoy the same rights as the British.

8. Eminent: Kalidas is one of the eminent dramatists of India.
Imminent: The cyclist turned the wheel of his cycle to avoid an imminent collision with a pedestrian.

9. Enviable: The affection he gets from others is enviable.
Envious: One should be envious, not jealous, of others' merits.

10. Envy: Though envy takes one ahead, it causes tension.
Jealousy: Women are notorious for their jealousy.

11. Equitable: There ought to be equitable distribution of work among all the members.
Equable: The climate of Bombay is equable.

12. Errand: My father has many subordinates to run errands for him. He has employed an errand boy.
Errant: You must correct your errant behavior or you will find yourself in hot waters.
Arrant: The arrant rogue followed a woman and was beaten by the village folk.

13. Erratic: Our Principal is a woman of erratic temperament.
Erroneous: Your father has formed an erroneous impression of your character.

14. Eruption: A volcanic eruption destroyed the whole city.
Irruption: Frequent irruptions by barbarians destroyed many a civilization in the past.

15. Exalt: People exalt Subhash Chandra Bose for his services to the country.
Exult: The soldiers wanted to exult over their victory.

16. Exceptionable: His bluntness is quite exceptionable.
Exceptional: He is a man of exceptional talent.

17. Excite: The mob got excited when a great police force appeared on the scene.
Incite: Antony incited the mob to set the conspirators' house on fire.

18. Excursion: Lat Sunday we had an excursion to a nearby lake.
Incursion: The Mohammedans made many incursions to India.

19. Exhausting: It was an exhausting task, yet I finished it single handed.
Exhaustive: His notes on the poem are quite exhaustive.

20. Expedient: The secretary said that it was expedient for him to go away and not to see her at the moment.
Expeditious: The authorities should adopt certain expeditious methods to remove social evils.

21. Exposure: He was laid down with pneumonia on account of exposure to cold.
Exposition: I found the exposition of the subject quite interesting.

22. Extant: Could you name the oldest extant book of the world?
Extent: To what extent are you satisfied with this book?
Extinct: Some of the old animals have already become extinct.

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