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Conversational Internet Slang Words - Some Infamously Famous Ones

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Today, there are a wide variety of words which are being added to the English language daily. However, there are some words which are neither added previously nor they are being added in the language, but still they are on big go. They are used high time everyday, even they are not valid words when it comes to perfect usage of English. They are actually slang words. What is slang? Slang is something which is only connected to a particular job, profession, business or some other work or is not a perfect word or a valid word which can be used everywhere. Slang is not a particular word, is not a particular language, but it is just a language outside convectional usage. These words therefore are though not correct as per the syntax of the language of English, but they are used today sometimes even more than the normal and the valid words are used. But till now I did not tell you where they are used. Where are they used then? They are used mostly in the internet and in informal conversations, any type of informal conversations, it maybe an informal letter, maybe a unofficial internet messaging, maybe during mobile messages, or maybe even an informal face to face chatting with the friends. On the whole, I want to say that though they are not valid words but still there is some importance for them because though they are not valid words according to the English syntax, but they are still used too much in the days of today.

How are Slangs Formed - How did it come to form? See, slang is not something which is made by one person and one man just in a day who uses that word frequently and that word gets famous as everything. So how did it actually come into being? Pronounce this word many times, keep on repeating it. You will come to know how it came into being. The reason to the formation of any slang word is it's prolonged pronunciation, pronouncing which a someone feels a bit of trouble. To avoid this trouble, when a person beings to eliminate the letters or vowel sounds (sometimes, even consonant sounds) and speak the word without including that sound, then that particular word begins to possess a change when written as it is pronounced as a slang. Now, this word is a slang. It will be used by many and not just one person and mind my words, it is not something like being announced or being said in a media conferencing that a new slang word has been founded, but before it's fame in more places, already so many people know about that word, unknowingly. So, slang words are infamously famous.

There are a wide variety of words, like this. Let me tell you about a few of these infamously famous words -

Wanna - Wanna is one of the most famous slang words today used. It was one of the most primitive words used as a slang word. Wanna is a really most famous words when it comes to the slang heroes. What is the use of this word? It is used as a short form of "want to". When this slang word "wanna" is used, it excludes the two words want to, and sometimes because of this people who do not know about the word. They simply do not understand. But for your info, it is used only after the noun, and 'to' is not used after the slang.

Gonna - Gonna is another verbal slang word. It is also one of the most primitive slang words used in the world. It is the short form of 'going to' and it is only used after the verbs like 'is', 'are' and am. Just like in the case of the infamously famous 'wanna', 'to' is not used after gonna also, though many people use 'to' after this slang.

Gotta - Gotta is also related to gonna is some indirect way. However, it is a short form of 'got to', so it is a verbal slang. However, it came afterward wanna and gonna. But, still it is also famous.

LOL - LOL is basically a specific internet slang. It is most used during internet messaging and short message services.It is however not used during informal conversations. It is an acronym for 'Laughing Out Loudly'.

ROFL or LMAO or ROFLMAO - ROFL is very similar to LOL, i.e. laughing out loudly, but is used when the humorous thing is even stronger than when LOL is to be used. It is an acronym for 'Rolling On the Floor Laughing". So, it is also known as ROTFL. Now, both LMAO and ROFLMAO are absurd, and vulgar internet slang words. The full form of LMAO is "Laughing My Ass Off" and ROFLMAO is "Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off". Due to the vulgar use, it has been tremendously infamously famous. But still it is on the go. All these are used to describe some form of humorous joke or so.

Whatcha - One may understand that gonna means "going to", one may also understand wanna and gotta which mean "want to" and "got to", but one may not understand this one, this slang word, which is on high go everywhere, be it be internet messaging (chatting) or be it whatever else, people often find this one really as a misconception, and misleading word. Many people get confused about it thinking that it is a typing mistake. But it is not something like that. Let me tell you about its peculiar formation. It is one of its kind I would say. It is a short form of "what are you" or simply "what you". But when someone looks at this, he definitely thinks that this is not a good one and they blame the word for it, laughing at it. But the thing is that 'you' has been reconsidered as 'ya', and when you pronounce now, you get the answer that 'whatcha' actually stands for "what are you" or simply "what you".

Gotcha - This word is, I would say, more famous than whatcha because sometimes the military personnel also use this word. Gotcha is just like whatcha but a little difference. Gotcha stands for "got ya" or "got you". It simply means to get the trick of someone understood or get someone understood, even if he is with something innocent, but it deals with understanding people.

Anyway, I have now discussed about some most used conversational internet slang words. Maybe I discuss some more in the upcoming posts. For the time being, please have a look on the sample usages.

Sample Usage


1. I wanna buy this watch for my girlfriend.
2. I wanna marry Sam.
3. That guy wanna meet me, what should I tell him?
4. Mr. Anderson wanna cut your throat, shall I let him do so?
5. China wanna conquer India.


1. I am gonna make some chapati.
2. She is gonna school.
3. What is he gonna do?
4. My teacher is gonna fail me.
5. My speakers gonna blast your windows.


1. I gotta kick you, shall I?
2. He gotta go to school.
3. She gotta go to hospital, she is bleeding.
4. You gotta come with me, I will show you the stuff.
5. My mother gotta find that guy, she is a detective.


1. LOL he makes such fine noise.
2. That guy jumps like hippo., LOL.
3. He writes essays like a class III boy, LOL.
4. Am I gonna come to your latrine, LOL?
5. She is gonna get into that room, she will fall, I am sure, LOL.


1. She said she is going to find a new husband, after her husband dies, ROFL (or LMAO or ROFLMAO).
2. My mother says that she will buy a new car, Tata Nano, despite she has one supercar, ROFL (or LMAO or ROFLMAO).
3. Amit fell on that fat lady, she kicked him, ROFL (or LMAO or ROFLMAO).
4. My computer hangs every 420 seconds, ROFL (or LMAO or ROFLMAO).
5. Why do people actually fell ill, do they have a battery inside or what, ROFL (or LMAO or ROFLMAO).


1. Hey whatchat doing?
2. Whatcha looking at my face, is there something wrong?
3. Whatcha looking in that shop?
4. Whatcha buying for Sam?
5. Whatcha listening now, rock or pop?


1. I was not understanding what you were telling, now I gotcha.
2. Hey why don't you go to school, you are lying that you are sick, I gotcha.
3. How do you make that trick, now I gotcha how you did?
4. Why you sing that song, because that is your boyfriend's favourite, I gotcha, LOL.
5. Someone gotcha looking at that girl with romantic eyes, what is the matter man?

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