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Most Common Mispronounced Words - Series 2

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There are some of the most mispronounced words in English language. One should take care of them well before speaking them out of the mouth. As said earlier by me, pronunciation is really a tough thing in the English language because of so many factors involved like silent letters, different usages, different traditional pronunciations and so on. They all influence these words which are often mispronounced by us, the people, and we do not even bother to know the correct pronunciation because we don't think about it and we can't think about it, because we possess a reflex feeling in our minds that we are speaking the correct way, and why then check it again. So I will be trying my best to enrich your vocabulary with good pronunciation by helping you out with some words which are often mispronounced. Not only this, but I will also be guiding you with the most frequently wrong pronunciations used for the concerned words. The first pronunciation is the right one while the second ones will be the wrong pronunciations, and I will let you note by denoting the correct one starting as 'R' (right) and 'W' (wrong).Here is the second series of the words -

1. Narcissism - Extreme love with oneself
R > Nar-see-sism
W > Nar-kee-sism

2. Ego - One's mentality to be different from others, and proud too.
R > Ee-go
W > Ey-go

3. Psyche - Human soul
R > Sye-k
W > Pa-sy-ch

4. Physique - Physical beauty and health
R > Fi-zeek or Fi-zik
W > Fi-zi-cuoo

5. Mosque - The worship place for Muslims.
R > Mosk
W > Mos-cuoo

6. Pteridophyta - A group in plantae kingdom.
R > Terido-phyee-ta
W > Pa-terido-phyee-ta

7. Mentor - A wise teacher
R > Men-taur
W > Men-ter

8. Mature - Someone who is skilled to a level he needs to.
R > May-chyor
W > Mator

9. Weird - Fantastic, supernatural
R > Weered
W > Wired

10. Tuition - Teaching
R > Tuee-shun
W > Tue-shun

11. Beard - Hair on the face.
R > Bee-ard
W > Bird

12. Crochet - Knitting.
R > Cro-shey
W > Cro-sheyt

13. Subtle - Difficult to understand
R > Sutle
W > Sub-tul

14. Vague - Not clear.
R > Vey-g
W > Vey-gue

15. Doubt - Some confusion
R > Daoot
W > Dubt

Sample Usage

1. He looks to be narcissist, looks so satisfied with himself.

2. His ego is his enemy, goes everywhere with him.

3. The psyches look to be around, looks to be spiritual.

4. He looks good, his physique is nice.

5. That Mosque is so beautiful, I must praise.

6. Pteridophyta is tough to spell.

7. My mentors are really good with me, really cooperative.

8. I am mature enough to drive bikes.

9. That sound was a weird one.

10. I don't like to attend those boring class tuitions.

11. His beard is a black one.

12. She is an expert in crochet.

13. This concept is really subtle for me.

14. Her personality is vague in front of me.

15. I am in doubt about my marks, will I score good this time?

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