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Similar sounding confusing words: Accept and Except

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Accept is a verb.
Meanings: believe; recognize; agree to; admit; acknowledge; understand; allow.
Antonym: deny

Except is a preposition.
Meanings: apart from; except for; but; aside from.
Antonym: including

Sample Usage

Examples of Accept:
1. ISC members should accept the fact that it is not possible to make lots of money immediately and it would take some months to get a steady income.
2. The trainee accepted his mistake without a fuss.
3. The school principal accepted the student's statement that she had not been involved in the ragging incident as she was in the laboratory at the time of the incident.

Examples of Except:
1. Except for two or three students, it was obvious that the class had not studied properly for the exam.
2. The box of strawberries was very good except for one which had been crushed at the bottom of the box.
3. The teacher told the student that except for a minor spelling mistake, his essay on Global Warming was well written.

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