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Demonstrative Adjectives

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What is a demonstrative adjective?
A demonstrative adjective is an adjective which specifically expresses what is meant.

There are 2 types of demonstrative adjectives:
1. A demonstrative adjective which points out the object in the sentence is known as a definite demonstrative adjective. It is like pointing a finger at an object or person.

Definite demonstrative adjectives are: this, that, these, those, the, such, the same.

2. A demonstrative adjective which does not do so is known as an indefinite demonstrative adjective.

Indefinite demonstrative adjective are: other, any other, another, any, some, one, certain, an.

Sample Usage

1. Definite demonstrative adjectives
(i) Rohit told his brother, "This room is mine" when they shifted to the new home.

(ii) "That boat with the yellow flag belongs to Jacob", Peter told his friend.

(iii) Shiela told her sister "These earrings are so pretty! Let's buy them".

(iv) The hostel warden realized that those boys were up to some mischief.

(v) Sharda told her husband that their son was in the neighbour's garden.

(vi) Rahul was horrified on hearing his friend's plan to cheat the shopkeeper and said he would never do such a crime.

(vii) When Prabha switched on the TV to watch her favourite serial, she realized that it was the same episode as the previous day.

2. Indefinite demonstrative adjectives
(i) Malini realized that her other friends were not conducive to the idea of going to Jog Falls during the monsoon.

(ii) Vaidehi was fed up of buying the same type of gifts and requested the shopkeeper to show her any other type from the ones she had bought the previous times.

(iii) Jayant was glad that he got another chance to take part in the tennis tournament.

(iv) The boss was surprised to hear of Amy's brother's illness as he was not aware that Amy had any siblings.

(v) The witness was very vague about who had visited the shop earlier and just said that some lady had come to purchase eggs.

(vi) Lata was sure that one day she would win the award.

(vii) The judges were looking for a certain kind of quality that seemed to be lacking in the contestants who had auditioned for the program.

(viii) Sohail's work was an inspiration to all members.

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