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Numeral Adjectives

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What is a numeral adjective?
A Numeral Adjective is one which denotes a number.

There are 2 types of numeral adjectives:
1. A definite numeral adjective specifies the exact number. Definite numeral adjectives are of 2 kinds:
(i) Ordinals, which specify the order of the objects; and
(ii) Cardinals, which specify how many there are;

Ordinals: first, second, third, fouth, fifth, sixth, etc.

Cardinals: one, two, three, four, five, six, etc.

2. An indefinite numeral adjective does not specify an exact number.
Indefinite numeral adjectives are: many, some, all, no, several, few, most, more.

Sample Usage

1. Definite numeral adjectives:
(i) Cardinals
(1) One of the parrots escaped from the cage.

(2) Two parrots were left in the cage.

(3) Three kids stood under the tree, staring at the parrot which had escaped.

(ii) Ordinals
(1) The first child to reach the ice cream vendor got the biggest cone.

(2) The second child to reach the ice cream vendor chose the chocolate cone.

(3) The third child to reach the ice cream vendor realized that there were no chocolate cones left.

2. Indefinite numeral adjectives:
(i) Many of the swings in the park were unsafe.

(ii) Some of the swings in the park were broken.

(iii) All the swings in the park needed to be cleaned.

(iv) No child was allowed to sit on the swings in the park.

(v) Several of the children left the park with their parents on realizing that they could not play on the swings.

(vi) A few children visited the park that day.

(vii) Most of the children who came to the park left early.

(viii) More funds were required to repair the swings in the park.

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