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A rolling stone gathers no moss proverb

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When a stone remains fixed in one place, it is likely that it will soon be covered with moss; but if it constantly rolls from one place to another, it will not get covered with moss.

The proverb A rolling stone gathers no moss has two meanings:
(1) If you constantly change your mind, you are unlikely to get something done;
(2) If you change your job every now and then instead of settling at one place, you are unlikely to achieve success.

Sample Usage

1. Mr. Mehta got fed up with his wife as she always found some minor flaw in the flats they looked at. After seeing the tenth flat in a week, he finally snapped at her, "We will never get a new home at this rate. A rolling stone gathers no moss!"

2. Shravan told his friend that he would not get ahead in his career if he constantly moved from one company to another, saying "A rolling stone gathers no moss! If you expect to get promotions and succeed you need to stay on in one firm for a good number of years".

3. The actress decided to concentrate on theatre rather than constantly moving around in the theatre, modeling and film world. She realized that, after all, a rolling stone gathers no moss!

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