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Effective words

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In order to communicate in an impressive manner , we should use words which are short but effective .These words make the sentences short and powerful.

The following are the list of such words:

To compare and contrast:

The following words show similarity:
Similarly, In the same way, Likewise, To have in common

Contrast: To contrast means to show difference:
Different from,In contrast to, Unlike, however, on the other hand, whereas , while, more..... than, less.....than.

Adding an idea: In addition, also, Further more, moreover.

How often something occurs: Sometimes, usually, often, frequently, occasionally, seldom, rarely, not often.

How predictably something will happen: perhaps, probably, possibly, may be, certainly, definitely, surely.

Expressing doubt/it may not be true: Seems to , allegedly, appears that, appears to be, apparently.

Transition : These words signal a change in the previous view.

Introduce a contradictory idea: However, In contrast, on the contrary, on the other hand, despite, nevertheless.

Giving an example: For example, for instance, such as , in the case of.

Result: Therefore, due to, so , as a result of

Sample Usage

Eating the right kind of food keeps a person healthy. In the same way, exercising regularly ,helps a person to keep it.

Some people believe that technology is a boon. However, some people believe that technology is a bane.

It seems to me that the management will not accept our proposal.
Indian batsmen are in good form. It seems it will win the trophy.
India is a highly polarized country. On the one hand some cities are hi-tech. On the other hand we find some villages which don't even have electricity.

Rani has more wisdom than you have.
Ravi seldom visit malls because he hates shopping.
I drink less coffee than you do.
Your coat different from mine.

I want to own an expensive car. Perhaps I may buy it someday.
There are dark clouds in the sky. It will probably rain.
Mary is a hard working person. She should be rewarded certainly.
I have answered all the questions correctly. I will definitely get a good grade.

Some vegetables have high nutritional value. For instance , carrot contains vitamin A.

Raj is a selfish person. Furthermore, he is stingy.
Rani is very tired and sick. Therefore, she needs medication.

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