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Possessive adjectives and Possessive Pronouns.

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Possessive adjectives and Possessive Pronouns: They denote that someone owns something. However, possessive adjectives are followed by nouns while possessive pronouns act as nouns.

Let us look at the difference in detail:-

Possessive adjectives - my , our, your, his, her ,their, its.

For example: My car is red. This is our dog. I know your brother. His bag is heavier than her bag. Her mother is a lawyer. Their garden is very well maintained. The dog is wagging its tail.

Possessive pronouns: mine, ours, yours, his, hers, theirs, its.

For example: The red car is mine. The barking dog is ours. The leather bag is yours. The black bike is his. The well-maintained garden is hers. The shop next to my house is theirs.

Sample Usage

Please don't spoil my new pen.
Our dog is very friendly. It never harms anyone.
Your fried has come.
His uncle stays in Mumbai.
Her hair is curly.
Their mother cooks very well.
The brother of mine is very affectionate.
This clinic is ours.
The responsibility of hosting the party is yours.
The new mobile phone lying on the table is his.

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