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Similar Sounding Confused Words: Loose and Lose

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The words Loose and lose are commonly used in everyday language, but are also the most commonly confused words! This is because both the words loose and lose are pronounced in the same manner and it is only a difference of one 'o' alphabet.

Let's see the Differences between and Application of the words loose and lose in the English language:

1. Loose is an adjective.
Meanings: movable; slack; lax; unfastened.
Antonym: fixed; tight.

2. Lose is a verb. It has multiple meanings and can be used in a variety of contexts.
(i) misplace; be unable to find
Antonym: find
(ii) fail; be defeated
Antonym: win
(iii) shake off; evade; leave behind; free yourself of; escape
Antonym: acquire
(iv) waste; squander; use up; consume
Antonym: save
(v) suffer the loss of; be bereaved

Sample Usage

Examples of Loose
1. Due to the loosely tied clothesline, Mrs. Daya's garments all fell down in the muddy garden.

2. Sandra's hairclips came loose and her piled up hair tumbled down over her shoulders.

3. The rock climber luckily realized that his climbing rope was a bit loose and hurriedly tightened it before venturing up the rocks.

Examples of Lose
(i) Kritika's mother warned her to keep her earrings safely in the box otherwise she was likely to lose them.

(ii) The Netherlands soccer team was devastated on losing in the finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

(iii) The girl was able to lose the chasing stalker and reach the safety of her neighbourhood.

(iv) Shreyas had a bad habit of losing his hard-earned money at the horse races.

(v) To lose one's loved one is always hard to bear.

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