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The Sentence and Its Type

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The Sentence

The Group of words which gives complete sense is called sentence. For example:

1. Goa has fine beaches.
2. When did you go to Goa?
3. How beautiful the sunset was!

Sentence always begins with a capital letter and ends with a full stop (.) a question mark (?) or a mark of exclamation (!).

Types of sentence

Sentences are of four kinds

1. Assertive Sentence
2. Interrogative Sentence
3. Imperative Sentence
4. Exclamatory Sentence

1. Assertive Sentence

An assertive sentence says or states something; it can be either affirmative or negative. We put full stop at the end of this sentence.

For example:

Tansen was born in 1506 at Bahat in Gwalior. (States something)
Tansen was a great classical singer. (Affirmative)
As a child, he did not want to learn music. (Negative)

2. Interrogative Sentence

An interrogative sentence ask a question, we put a mark of interrogation (question mark) (?) at the end of an interrogative sentence.

For example:

How did Tansen become such a great singer?
Did he create any new ragas?

3. Imperative Sentence

An imperative sentence expresses a command (order), a request, or an advice, an imperative sentence also needs a full stop at the end of it.

For example:

Tell me something about ragas, please. (Request)
Develop some taste for classical music. (Advice)

4. Exclamatory Sentence

An exclamatory sentence expresses some strong feeling; we put a mark of exclamation (!) at the end of an exclamatory sentence.

For example:

What a great singer Tansen was!
How rich the tradition Indian classical music is!

Sample Usage

He is very good friend of mine.

I love his music.(Affirmative sentence)

He is not a good singer.(Negative sentence)

Do it now.(imperative sentence)

May God give him long life. ( Exclamatory sentence)

Who is your English teacher ? (Interrogative sentence)

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