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Rules of Using Noun

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Rule 1. There are certain nouns which are plural in form but take a singular verb. For example:
News, innings, politics, Mathematics, Physics, Economics, means, summons, gallows etc. take singular verb.For example:

Rule 2. Certain nouns are never used as plural.For example:
Information, scenery, hair, advice, furniture, luggage, machinery, poetry, mischief, issue etc. takes singular verb

Rule 3. Certain nouns are never used in singular form. They carry plural verb.For example:
Circumstances, contents, spectacles, trousers, tidings, odd, stockings, alms, savings, nuptials, credentials, wags, tongs, scissors, goods, assets, etc.

Rule 4. Some nouns like poultry, police, jury, gentry, cattle, people, peasantry, folk, vermin etc. have the appearance of singulars, but they are always used as plurals.

Rule 5. There are certain nouns which have both the plural and singular form same.For example:
Fish, sheep, deer, swine, series, means, wages, news,etc. are used both as singular and plural.

Rule 6. Generally the compound words formed with one or two nouns are treated as singular.

Sample Usage

Rule 1. Examples:-
This is a shocking news.
Politics is an interesting subject.

Rule 2. Examples:-
His hair is curly.
She has no issue.

Rule 3. Examples:-
His credentials are suspicious.
Rupa's trousers are tight.
My circumstances do not favour me.

Rule 4. Examples:-
Cattle are grazing in the meadows.
The jury are divided in their decision.
These poultry belong to Ashok.

Rule 5. Examples:-
The fish were swimming in the pond.
A fish was caught by him.
He has a sheep.
Many sheep are grazing in the field.

Rule 6. Examples:-
A ten rupee note.
A three mile race.
A five year old child.

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