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Rules of Using Verb

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Rule 1. Verb in plural is used, when two or more singular subjects are joined by ‘and', the.
However, verb in singular is used, when two subjects are joined by 'and', express a single act or idea.

Rule 2. If two nouns in the singular number refer to the same person or thing, the verb is in singular, but when two different persons or things are indicated by the use of two articles, verb in the plural is used.

Rule 3. When two nouns are joined by along, as well as, together with, in addition to, the verb agrees with the first noun/pronoun.

Rule 4. Certain verbs (treat, regard, describe) are followed by 'as' but the use of 'as' is wrong in some verbs:(consider, call, appoint).

Rule 5. Certain verbs do not carry the reflexive pronouns.

Rule 6. A finite verb must agree with its subject in number and in person.

Rule 7. A collective noun should take a singular verb when used collectively but a plural verb when it refers to individuals.

Rule 8. A gerund should not be confused with present participle. The former is used as either subject or object whereas the latter is used as a verb.

Rule 9. The phrases 'many a', 'a pair of', 'every one', 'any one' etc. take a singular verb.

Rule 10. Avoid committing mistake when using one verb to govern two objects.

Sample Usage

Rule 1. Examples:-
Two and two make four.
Rupa and Raju were doing their work.
He and I do not believe in ghosts.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Rule 2. Examples:-
The poet and painter is dead.
The manager and secretary is present in the meeting.
The horse and carriage is for sale.
The owner of the car and the driver were killed.

Rule 3. Examples:-
Ram along with his two friends has won a scholarship.
You as well as he are wrong.

Rule 4. Examples:-
She treats you as her own son.
I regard him as my brother.
I consider you my friend.
He called the politician a liar.

Rule 5. Examples:-
I want to enlist myself in the army. (wrong)
I want to enlist in the army. (right)
She qualified as an engineer last year.
He burst into tears.

Rule 6. Example:-
Sobhraj with a dozen of his accomplices were arrested. (wrong)
Sobhraj with a dozen of his accomplices was arrested. (right)

Rule 7. Examples:-
The government have taken this decision. (wrong)
The government has taken this decision. (right)
The government was divided in opinion. (wrong)
The government were divided in opinion. (right)

Rule 8. Example:-
I do not like your singing. (wrong)
I do not like you singing. (right)

Rule 9. Example:-
Many a men are to be blamed. (wrong)
Many a man is to be blamed. (right)

Rule 10. Example:-
The prison felt his portion acutely and received his sentence bravely. (wrong)
The prison felt his position acutely and received his sentence bravely. (right)

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