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Conjunctions and Its uses

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A conjunction is a word used to join words, groups of words or sentences. For example

Ann and Lucy are sisters
Ann is simple but Lucy is clever
Ann gets punished although the mischief is done by Lucy.

In these sentences, the words and, but and although have been used as conjunctions.

Joining sentences with the help of conjunctions


We use and to add one statement to another. For example:

The train stops at Mathura. The train stops at Agra.

The train stops at Mathura and Agra.


We use but to join two statements when there is contrast between them. For example:

He is intelligent. He is careless.

He is intelligent but careless.

Or, Otherwise

We use or, otherwise to express choice. For example:

Carry the jug carefully. You will spill the water.

Carry the jug carefully, or you will spill the water.
Carry the jug carefully otherwise you will spill the water.

Still, although, though

Like but, all the three conjunctions are used to express a contrast but it shows the impact of one sentence on another. For example:

He works very hard. He does not get good marks.

He works very hard, still he does not get good marks.
Although (though) he works very hard, he does not get good marks.

So, therefore, because, as

We use these conjunctions to join the two sentences if one of them says something and the other gives a reason for it. For example:

He is pure of heart. He remains cheerful.

He is pure of heart, therefore he remains cheerful.

He is pure of heart so he remains cheerful.

As he is pure of heart, he remains cheerful.

He remains cheerful because he is pure of heart.

If, unless

These conjunctions suggest conditions. For example:

You will be granted leave. You must apply in time.

You will be granted leave if you must apply in time.
You will not be granted leave unless you apply in time.

Sample Usage

He fell off a horse and hurt his leg.

Her writing is good but her spellings are weak.

He is more than eighty years old; still he is quite healthy.

Do not tease the dog or it may bite you.

The crops dried up because it did not rain at all.

If you are cheerful, you will work better.

I respect him although he is very strict.

Do not switch off the lights until everybody has gone away.

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