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How to write a good story

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Story writing is an art. You can write a good story if

1. Your plot is good
2. You can use your imagination to develop the plot with interesting details.
3. You can create suspense so that the reader is motivated to read on.
4. Your expressing is good.

Story can be written in many ways ;< /font>

From given outlines - You are given the outlines of a plot and you are required to build up the story. This should be easy and interesting. You do not have to invent the plot; you have simply to fill in the details in an attractive style.

1. Read the outlines carefully and try to understand the gist of the story.
2. Do not omit any point in the outlines and also maintain the order of the points.
3. Connect every part in such a way that the story is a coherent piece of good composition.
4. Introduce conversation or dialogue where possible.
5. Suggest a suitable proverb, saying or idiom as the title of the story.
6. Write the story in simple English.
7. Write the story in past tense.

Story based on a moral - Here a moral is given (For example, Slow and steady wins the race or, Honesty is the best policy) and you are required to illustrate the moral with a story. If you have read Aseop's fables or stories from Panchtantra, they should prove quite useful.

From incomplete hints Here are you are given a couple of opening sentences. In a way, a story is started for you and you are required to continue it. It certainly needs imagination to continue the story.

Sample Usage

Developing from the outlines

A debater sued by his creditor --------- creditors say debater forged the receipt to show payment----------- also hired fifteen witnesses-----to make things sure one thousand rupees sent to the judge as bribe----------case comes for hearing-----fifteen witnesses to prove speak the truth, thousand witnesses to prove you tell a lie, says judge.

A man owned ten thousand rupees to a friend of his. But he was a dishonest person and did not want to pay back. So he forged a receipt and hired fifteen witnesses to prove that he had paid the money. His friend was forced to file a suit against him. Fearing that he might lose the case, the man sent a thousand rupees to the judge as a bribe. When the case came up for hearing, the judge said to him, “But you have brought fifteen witnesses to prove that you are speaking the truth." Then he took out of a bundle of a thousand rupees from his pocket and added, “But you have sent me a thousand witnesses to prove that you are lying. Now there is no doubt that you have not paid the money back." The dishonest fellow had not only pay the money back but also punished for his dishonesty.

A story on a given Moral

Write a story whose moral is “Honesty is the best Policy"

Mercury and the wood cutter

Once there was a poor woodcutter who was very poor. He earned his livelihood by cutting trees in the forest and selling wood in the market. One day when he was cutting wood near the bank of the river, his axe fell in to the river. He tried to fish out his axe but the river was very deep and he could not locate it. He was at a loss to know what to do. He just sat near the bank and started crying.

Suddenly the god Mercury appeared before him and asked why he was weeping. The woodcutter told him the whole story. He disappeared into the water and soon repapered with the golden axe. The woodcutter refused to take it saying that it was not his. The god again dipped into the water and this time he returned with the silver axe. The woodcutter still refuses it because it did not belong to him. The god than brought an iron axe. It was his own axe. The woodcutter was very happy to see it. He thanked the god for helping him and took his iron axe. The god was very happy and he rewarded him with the other two axes as well.

The opening sentence of a story is given below. Complete the story as you like

A thief was once brought before a king. He was charged with having a hole in the wall of a man's house and -------------------

The Dishonest Hand

A thief was once brought before a king. He was charged with having a hole in the wall of a man's house and stolen jewelry from there. The thief fell upon his knees and wept piteously. Then he said, “Your majesty, I am very poor and honest man. I have never committed any sin. But this hand of mine has taken to the wicked ways. It has been guilty of all kinds of misdeeds. I have often been disgraced because of its wickedness. It is this hand that made the hole in the wall. The jewelry was also stolen by the hand. I am absolutely innocent." “You are right," said the king. “I also believe that you to be innocent. You deserve all pity. But your hand must be punished. Your hand will have to go to prison for five years. You can stay outside."

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