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Article and Speech writing

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Writing an article or speech is an art the following steps will help you to achieve this art.


Usually 5-6 words are ideal but there are no hard and fast rules. The title can be single word, a phrase or even a sentence. It should be descriptive, catchy, thought provoking, inviting or surprising. It can be an appeal or a warning depending upon the nature of the write up.


A good article consists of several paragraphs. Each paragraph deals with only main idea, a point or argument. Sentences and ideas in each paragraph should be linked together.

Purpose of Writing

Before writing an article or speech, make sure whether you are writing to inform people, to persuade them, to entertain them or to convince them. Clarity of your purpose will ensure clarity in the choice of style and vocabulary.

Target Readers / Audience

Who are the potential readers/ audience of your article or speech? Are they students, educated people, and experts on the subject of your write-up or layman? Are you writing for a newspaper, school magazine or an essay writing competition or a public speaking contents? Be sure about this before you attempt to write your article or speech.

Plan before you Pen

Before you start writing read the topic and accompany instructions carefully. Make use of the given hints, notes, visuals etc. brain storm for 3-5 five minutes and note down as many ideas as you van think of .then only keep the ideas you want to use and discard the others.

Now you are ready to make the first draft of your article or speech, but before you really begin it, decide on the number of paragraphs you need to use and what major idea of these paragraphs will contain.

Your writing should have the following characteristics in order to qualify as well written

1. Good Vocabulary and Grammar, instead of using difficult and high sounding words, use a variety of words, specific to given topic, taking special care not to repeat them too often. The same is true for grammatical structures.

2. Unity, each paragraph should deal with only one major idea which is conveyed in a single sentence called topic sentence. All other sentences contain supporting ideas.

3. Using the given information, use all the information you have with you. The information needs to be interpreted, edited and rewritten as per needs of the article/speech.

4. Research, you should research on your topic to gain some more information and collecting data related to the topic of your article.

5. Quotations, add the quotations only when absolutely necessary. They should not be included just for the sake of quoting but to illustrate or prove a point.

Difference between Article and Speech
The two are similar except that a speech begins with a formal address to the audience and is more conversational in tone. Normally speech is begins with the formal words like Dear Member, Honorable President etc. A speech can conclude with a “Thank you!"

Layout of the Article

Title Heading in the centre of the page
(Eye catching; encapsulating the central theme)


(Establish the context, put the topic in perspective, draw reader's attention, specify and delimit your topic, you can also put a rhetorical question or given some startling facts or statistics)

Exposition of the Topic

(Spell out the various aspects of the topic- merits, demerits, causes, consequences, effects, advantages and disadvantages)

Winding up

(Sum up the main ideas, give your opinion, comments, criticism, recommendations)


(Conclude with a hope, a warming, an appeal or a call for action)

Name of the writer

You can also write the name of the writer immediately after the title.

Layout of the Speech

Title Heading in the centre of the page
(Eye catching; encapsulating the central theme)


(Includes a dramatic pre speech note to draw attention, salutation: like great chief guest, fellow speakers and listeners, context / occasion of speech, announcement of the topic)

Development of the topic

(Spell out your motive and the various aspects of the topic- use statistics, reference to newspaper, magazines, a catalogue of negative/positive result, consequences, arguments for and against)

Winding up

(Briefly sum up all the points you have made. But do not merely repeat them.)


(Conclude with a hope, a warning or call for action or an appeal, and do not forget to say “Thank You"

Sample Usage

Example of an Article


Man is perhaps the only animal who ill-treats and even kills other animals for pleasure. He destroys their natural habitats and ruthlessly kills animals for their skin, bones and meat, although he is not meat eater by nature and holds life sacred.

Did you know that countless animals and birds are killed, mutilated or decapitated in the name of scientific experiments, testing and research? The poor silent souls cannot even express the pain and suffering they are subjected to. Most of them die premature, painful and unnatural deaths.

Circuses, zoos, road shows, cattle and bird markets are also death traps for these helpless creatures. Monkeys, bears and parrots are ill treated by circus people. Bulls, horses, mules, camels and donkeys are made to carry heavy loads.

Children can play an important role in stopping this cruelty to animals. They must join hands to create world wide awareness for the ethnical and human treatment of animals. They can join protest rallies against animal testing and launch signature campaigns for this purpose. Also, they must refuse to buy animal products or which have been tested on animals.

Children of the world, animals and birds cry for your help. They cannot survive without your support.

Pooja Gupta


Example of Speech


“One year out of ten is spent watching T.V. “

“On an average Delhi children watch 17 hours of TV every week “

Honorable Principal, Respected Teachers and My Dear Friends.

In the last two decades television has become the most powerful means of entertainment. With the introduction of many satellite channels, its reach is increasing many folds. I am sure you will agree with me that T.V. has become an indispensable gadget in our homes. Nobody has remained unaffected from its influence. From soap operas to cartoon, movies, reality shows and music, there is no lack of viewer ship.

T.V. is being used by business house to woo customers. Many ads target children below 8 years as they are easily influenced by the audio-visual effects, particularly of advertisement.

Friends, doesn't it astonish that out of every ten years of our life, we spend one whole year watching T.V. alone, thus saying goodbye to all our important work, social and family interaction and physical activities. Our reading habit is the first victim of too much T.V. watching.

It is high time that we realized the adverse effect of watching T.V. for long hours. We should be selective about the programs and the time that we are going to spend with our ‘idiot box'. We should spend time on outdoor activities, too. Otherwise, I'm afraid all of us will become remote wielding, think alike couch potatoes.

Thank you.

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