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Parts of Speech

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We all know that a sentence is nothing but a group of words. Each word of the sentence has a certain function. Every word in a sentence is classified according to its function. This classification is known as Parts of Speech.

There are eight Parts of Speech in English Language. They are:

1. Noun 5. Adverb
2. Pronoun 6. Preposition
3. Adjective 7. Conjunction
4. Verb 8. Interjection

Noun: A Noun is a word used to denote the name of a person, place, animal or thing.

Examples: Mahatma Gandhi was a great patriot.
My cousin lives in Mumbai.
The lion is the king of the forest.
The handle of the knife is broken.

Note: By the word ‘thing' we mean everything that we can see, hear, touch, smell or something that we can only think of, but cannot perceive by the senses.

Pronoun: A Pronoun is a word used in place of a noun. I, we, you, he, she, it, they etc. are pronouns.

Examples: Rashmi is happy because she got good marks in the examination.
Abid could not get good marks, so he was sad.

Adjective: An Adjective is a describing word. It adds something to the meaning of a noun or pronoun.

Examples: Neha is a good girl.
The poor boy was begging from door to door.
Verb: A Verb is a word used to express an action, event or state. It is also called an action word.

Examples: she opened the suitcase.
Mr. Kalra is my favourite teacher.
The cat was hungry.
We played cricket in the afternoon.

Adverb: An Adverb is a word that modifies (adds something) to the meaning of a verb, an adjective or another adverb.

Examples: She spoke sweetly.
My younger sister sings beautifully.
I am very tired now.
I answered the question easily.

Preposition: A Preposition is a word used before a noun or a pronoun to show how it is relation to some other words in the sentence.

Examples: They went to Agra.
My mother was waiting for me.
The Sun is shining in the sky.
Smita is playing with her friends.

Conjunction: A Conjunction is a joining word used to join words, groups of words or sentences.

Examples: Raman and Sunil are neighbours.
He was playing but his friend was reading.
Two and two make four.

Interjection: An Interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling or emotion.

Examples: Alas! The old man is dead.
Bravo! You have played well.
Hurrah! The school is closed today.

Remember: 1. Depending upon the function it performs, the same word can
be used different parts of speech.
Examples: We have met her before. (Adverb)
He reached there before the meeting. (Preposition)
The doctor came before the patient had died.
2. In modern English, articles (a, an, the) are also
considered as part of speech.

Sample Usage

As given against each.

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