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Update vs Upgrade

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There are many couples of words which people use thinking them as synonyms but they don't prove to be so. Such a couple is upgrade and update.

Update - Update basically means to improve something. It is mainly used in connection with something which already exists but needs to be improved by adding something new or so on. It does not mean to bring out something new to make something better but it simply means adding something to the things which already exist in this world.

Upgrade - Upgrade does not mean same as update. Upgrade also means to improve, but here, we need to put something new, and we have to replace something with something other. Here, something which already exists is not improved by just adding small things into it regularly like in update, but here we need to put something in place of something else.

Sample Usage


1. My antivirus needs to be updated regularly, otherwise, it will become out of date.
2. One must remain updated with the latest news of our surrounding environment.
3. How can I update my account in ISC, is there any way out to see my current points?
4. Why don't you update yourself with new piece of informations?


1. I am going to upgrade my computer today, am going to fit in new RAM sticks today.
2. I had planned to upgrade myself with new t-shirts, but could not do so, because I did not get time.
3. Why don't you buy a new TV to upgrade the quality of picture that you see?
4. Yesterday, Rama upgraded herself with a new, sleek and cool looking mobile handset.

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