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Different ways of expressing a condition

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There are various ways of expressing a condition and the most frequent among them are discussed below. But it should be clearly borne in mind that not all of them are suitable in a particular context. It is the context that determines the emphasis and the emphasis that governs the mode of expressing particular condition.

1. The conjunction ‘if' or ‘unless'.

2. The conjunction ‘if' or ‘unless' understood.

3. A conjunction phrase like ‘in case', ‘but that'.

4. An absolute participle used as a conjunction.

5. An imperative sentence followed by an assertive one.

6. An interrogative sentence followed by an imperative and assertive one.

7. The preposition ‘but' followed by a phrase as object.

8. The phrase ‘one more'.

9. The phrase ‘were to' preceded by ‘if'.

Sample Usage


(a) I shall read this letter if you allow me.
(b) If this watch troubles me anymore, I shall buy a new one.
(c) I shall not read this letter unless you allow me.

(a) Had these roads been properly lit, many fatal accidents would have been averted.
(b) Should the brakes fail, how will you stop the car?
(c) Could I afford some money, I would produce a documentary on the folk dances of the Punjab.

(a) In case the brakes fail, how will you stop the car?
(b) But that I am old and infirm, he would not have insulted me like that.

(a) Supposing that he does not agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement, we shall not take him as a partner.
(b) You can get this contract provided you have access to the director.

(a) Go for a morning walk, and you will remain active throughout the day.
(b) Protect these plants from the sun, and they will not wither.

(a) Have you access to the director? Then you can get his contract.
(b) Have you bought the ticket? Then come in.

(a) But for your forgetful nature, we should not have been humiliated thus.
(b) But for this light drizzle, it would have been very hot today.

(a) On word more and you will be dead.
(b) One more mistake and he will be dismissed from the service.

(a) If your father were to know of your failure, he would take you to the task.
(b) If I were to give my opinion, I could hail it as an achievement.

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